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Social Media Has a Profound Effect on the Modern Lifestyle

Social media is essentially comprised of a group of social channels that provide opportunities to billions of users worldwide for social networking, for posting texts, audio, and video clips, and to express themselves in the best possible manner. Established social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and also a new Indian social media app like Connected India interact, share content, and collaborate. These digital tools have become so powerful that they not only affect the perception of our society directly and indirectly but also affect the social lifestyle to a great extent.

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Social media is undoubtedly the fastest growing medium in the world, and people of almost every age group extensively use social platforms, and there are large numbers of users who are addicted to it. It would be apt to say that social media has a huge impact on people in the modern world. We can easily say that if we wish to change a person’s viewpoint or perspective, social media is the best tool to achieve that.

Social Media is Beneficial in Multiple Ways

Social media has a lot of benefits such as bringing awareness to the new generation. Students and teachers are immensely benefited in their studies and research work through social media by taking help from different websites and social platforms.

There are many websites that offer online lectures to students who use it to understand difficult topics. There are many websites available that help in the preparation of essays, which guide students effectively. Students often use websites such as AssignmentAceUK to overcome their anxiety and stress level.

It covers a wide range of study material prepared under the guidance of educational experts and researchers. Social media is a storehouse of one of the biggest online libraries, books and journals in the PDF formats, and research papers published by stalwarts. 

The world has become a smaller place with Social Media 

Social media is the tool that makes the world truly global. Almost every person is present on the social media and they are fully aware of its potential.  Since everyone is connected with each other through social media, the multiple social channels have seemingly reduced the gap between locations and persons.

Social Media Has Removed the Gap between People

Social media collects different views on a specific topic or issue. Therefore, with every passing day, social media is reducing the gap between higher authorities and the general public.

People often share their thoughts and feedback on issues that affect them. Government authorities and private businesses find these ideas very useful in framing their plans and future strategies. People can easily join an ongoing discussion or debate by using social media.

It Creates awareness in the Society

Social media helps people to become aware of many contemporary issues. There is always some awareness campaign being carried out on the social media, and which in turn help people to become acquainted with the important issues related to health, natural disaster, environment, science and technology, etc.

It helps even farmers to become aware of proper farm management. There are websites that provide information related to farming, irrigation, crops yield, fertilizers and seeding procedures. Social media also plays a crucial role in the business management and development.

These days anyone can create a business social account and start earning money. By effectively using the power of social media, any individual can become influencer on the Facebook or Instagram making a lot of money.

Negative Aspects of Social Media 

However, everything is not only good about social media, and there are some negative aspects too that make our generation depressed and disillusioned.

One noticeable feature of social media is the fact that now teenagers spend most of their time hooked to multiple social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Connected India and Helo, and often ignores the value of education. They end up wasting valuable time by continuously logged in to social networks and in process ruin their career. They also fall victim to anxiety, restlessness and depression. The social media addiction is now a reality that has not only destroyed the current generation but the future generation as well.

Social media has both positive and negative impact on people, and it’s up to every individual, in what way he/she uses it. While some individuals use social media in a positive way and in process get a lot of awareness and a chance to educate themselves. Such individuals often become successful and productive personalities. But at the same time, there are those who waste themselves by getting negative impacts from the social media.

Teenagers should be especially very careful about the negative aspects of social media. It is also the responsibility of parents and teachers to ensure they provide sufficient knowledge to their children about the negative impacts of social media. Parents need to make their children self-aware to protect them from the negativity of social media.

Social media is undoubtedly the most used digital tool for the people in the modern world but that is no excuse for the benefits and the consequences that come along with it. However, if people use it wisely and sensibly, the benefits can be far more than the consequences and the whole society can be benefited in multiple ways.

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