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Reasons Why Mattress in A Box Is A Worth It Investment


Mattresses are the most important part of the bed. It should provide adequate support to your body as well as feel comfortable to lay down on so you’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep. However, through time the mattress wears down and loses its usual comfy feel. 

When this happens, you’ll need to consider buying a new one to replace it. With so many mattress types available in the market, it could be quite confusing which one to choose. There is one type though that is starting to gain popularity in the past years – the mattress in a box. Read along to learn more about this type of mattress and what you could expect from it. 

What is a Mattress in a Box?

A mattress in a box, or bed in a box, is just the same as a regular mattress. However, the only difference they have is the way they are packed. Mattress in a box is compressed, packed in an airtight bag, and then rolled tight before being placed into a box for delivery. Not all mattress types can be placed in a box. 

For instance, innerspring mattresses are almost impossible to compress and roll into a compact package. Mattresses in a box are usually made from memory foam since it just decompresses and bounces back to its original form once the package is opened. Aside from memory foam, you could also find mattress in a box made from latex and hybrid foam. 

Pros of Mattress in a Box

  • Convenient – One of the perks of buying mattress in a box is the convenience. You could easily order online and get it delivered straight to your door without having to worry about assembling the bed by yourself. There are even plenty of options available, from single sized to queen mattress in a box, and even bigger sizes. It’s easy to move the compact box around your home and take it to where you need to assemble it
  • Direct Purchasing from the Manufacturer – Another perks of choosing a mattress in a box is that you could buy directly from manufacturers instead from mattress stores. There are plenty of benefits you could enjoy when you buy direct – from free trials to extended warranty periods
  • Affordable – Since buying mattress in a box means that you’re buying direct from the manufacturer, you could save a lot from the added cost when you buy it from a middleman or mattress store. Mattresses in a box are definitely priced lower than regular mattresses available in the market
  • Variety – Just like regular mattress types, you also have plenty of options when it comes to mattress in a box. You could definitely find one that perfectly suits your comfort preferences and sleep needs. 

Mattress in a box is really worth it with all those amazing benefits you could get from using it. If you need a new mattress, consider mattress in a box as one of your good options to choose from.

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