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Navraj The Antalyas 37D Gurgaon

Navraj The Antalyas 37D

Navraj The Antalyas 37D Gurgaon: Where Luxury Meets Convenience

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of opulent living at Navraj Antalyas, an exclusive mixed-use development in 37D, Gurgaon. Crafted by the renowned architect Hafeez Contractor, this project seamlessly merges luxury with practicality. Offering upscale apartments, plots, and commercial spaces, Navraj The Antalyas 37D features contemporary amenities, scenic seafront views, spacious layouts, and intelligent home systems. Its strategic position along Dwarka Expressway ensures effortless connections to Delhi and the wider NCR. Residents experience a sophisticated lifestyle with a well-equipped gym, gaming zones, multiple swimming pools, and more. Navraj Antalyas: Where comfort and grandeur converge seamlessly.

Elevating Lifestyle at Navraj Antalyas, Gurgaon: A Wealth of Advantages

Discover the prime advantages of residing at Navraj The Antalyas 37D, Situated strategically along Dwarka Expressway, the project ensures effortless connectivity to Delhi, NH-48, KMP Expressway, Sohna Expressway, and Sector 55-56 Metro Station. Crafted by the renowned architect Hafeez Contractor, Navraj Antalyas stands as a testament to architectural brilliance, maximizing natural light, ventilation, and providing mesmerizing seafront views. Residents enjoy a lavish lifestyle with a variety of amenities, including well-equipped gyms, gaming zones, multiple swimming pools, and smart home features. With diverse housing options featuring competitive pricing and flexible payment plans, Navraj Antalyas caters to a range of budgets. Furthermore, its investment potential is highlighted amid the growing demand for luxury housing in Gurgaon, promising a solid return on investment.

What sets Navraj Antalyas in 37D apart and makes it uniquely special?

Navraj The Antalyas 37D is special because of its excellent location on Dwarka Expressway, connecting easily to Delhi and other key areas. Designed by architect Hafeez Contractor, it features impressive architecture with lots of natural light and scenic views. The project offers diverse housing options at competitive prices with flexible payment plans. Residents enjoy luxurious amenities like gyms, gaming zones, and smart home features, enhancing their lifestyle. 

Expert Consultant

Unlock a hassle-free exploration of Navraj Antalyas with the expert guidance of TrueAssets consultancy tailored advice, transparent transactions, and a focus on personalized experiences define the consultancy’s approach. From grasping property intricacies to evaluating investment prospects, TrueAssets consultancy ensures an informed journey with Navraj Antalyas. Beyond mere transactions, it transforms the process into a well-guided investment, shaping a wise and thoughtful home selection.


Is there room for personalization in the apartments?

While specifics may vary, Navraj Antalyas aims to offer a personalized touch to residences, enhancing the overall living experience.

How well-linked is Navraj Antalyas to essential areas?

Positioned along the New Golf Course Road Extension, Navraj Antalyas enjoys optimal connectivity, ensuring easy access to key locations.

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