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Must have features of a good Emerald Engagement Ring

emerald engagement rings

When it comes to engagement rings, the trends keep changing with time. The recent trend that has caught on is that of coloured stone engagement rings. People today are opting for coloured gemstones as a part of their engagement rings because of the unique nature they provide to the ring and the plethora of varieties that are available to them. Ruby, emerald and sapphire are the popular coloured gemstones being used, but the most unique among them is emerald gemstone.

An emerald gemstone is known to represent nature and its vivid green hue is something that instantly attracts attention. A lot of people opt for emerald engagement rings because emerald stands for eternal love, prosperity and wealth. In spite of being a rare gemstone that has a low durability, emerald engagement rings are a popular choice because of their royal appearance. There are some features of the emerald ring that stand out and make then a unique choice. If you are planning to buy one for yourself, make sure to include these features for some extra beauty.


The general colour of emerald is green, but the hue can range from a bluish green to yellowish green. Although, all emeralds look great when it comes to engagement ring but if the gemstone has a slight yellowish tinge to it then it makes the colour more attractive. Hence, if you get the choice between a bluish green tinge emerald and a yellowish green emerald then opt for the latter.

Emerald cut

When it comes to the stone of the engagement ring, there are many cuts that you can choose from. However, the term emerald cut comes from the cut that was specifically given to the emerald gemstone. This cut enhanced their durability and made them less likely to chip. Later on, diamonds were also given this cut inspired by the emerald. Since this cut enhances the durability of the emerald, one must opt for this cut when it comes to rings.

Contrasting and durable metal

Emeralds are more brittle when compared to diamonds and therefore should be paired with strong metals in order to secure them properly. Try and maximize the number of prongs in the ring in order to secure the emerald gemstone. Platinum is the metal for choice when it comes to emeralds. However, if you are looking for some contrast, you can opt for yellow gold as well.


Emerald gemstone is a very versatile stone and looks good when standing alone or when surrounded by other stones. You can opt for a solitaire emerald setting or a halo setting where the emerald is the centre stone surrounded by a diamond halo. You can also opt for synthetic diamond rings with emerald accents for a dash of colour to the otherwise colourless diamond ring. Pave set emerald stones also make a great choice along with emerald rings having emerald or diamond side stones in a three stone engagement ring.

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