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Most attractive Project of Gurgaon in 2023- 32nd Avenue Milestone

32nd Avenue Milestone, founded in the nineteenth century, is a well-liked gathering place for locals. Due to the city’s transformation, the 32nd Avenue Milestone in Gurgaon had to be upgraded over time. Following construction, the 32nd Milestone changed its name to 32nd Avenue. Since it first appeared, this location has undergone significant change and now attracts more visitors. The 32nd Milestone Gurgaon has added a lot of new recreational areas.

The updated version of 32nd Avenue Milestone offers several amenities that you have never seen before. 

About 32nd Avenue Milestone

A thoughtfully designed project, 32nd Avenue is conveniently situated in Sector 15 of Gurgaon. Prices for this painstakingly planned 32nd Avenue project start at Rs. 90 0 Lac and go up. You will undoubtedly be impressed by this commercial property’s excellent construction. The apartments in this expertly built project are ready for occupancy. Commercial Shop Units are offered and are created to meet all specifications. The project’s retail shop units are between 120 square feet and 120 square feet in size. This well-designed area has four towers, each with a unique advantage.

The particular 32nd Avenue project has received its commencement certificate. The occupancy permit has been issued for this modern building. Milestone Ventures, a well-known builder, has been in charge of the entire 32nd Avenue project. The full address for the location is NH-8, Sector 15 Part 2, Gurugram, Haryana. 32nd Avenue guarantees a high standard of living because it offers all modern conveniences.

What is the Floor Plan of 32nd Avenue?

Viewing the floor plans will give you the best understanding of how 32nd Avenue’s rooms and spaces are arranged and a clear understanding of how the house is set up. There are different layouts and configurations for the various properties along 32nd Avenue. The aesthetically designed Commercial Shop offers attractive sizes like 120 sq. ft super area. High-quality fixtures have been installed in the bathrooms of 32nd Avenue Milestone. 

What is the Address of 32nd Avenue?

32nd Avenue is at NH-8, Sector 15 Part 2, Gurugram, Haryana, 122022.


  • proximity to other well-known city attractions
  • One crore is the initial investment.
  • Encompassing a 2,400,000 square yard area
  • and a sizable parking lot.
  • Modules that support style flexibility for restaurants
  • complete redundancy of power sources and room for individual AC units.
  • extravagant entrances that are uncomfortable
  • Luxurious and practical elements can be easily combined thanks to the design.
  • Terrace Advantage is likewise there.
  • rooftop restaurants
  • Continuous security
  • Beautifully lit, well-lit, and with an aqua entrance
  • adoption of current trends in gardening attire


  • lavish interior
  • It is possible to combine several activities under one roof.
  • Fashion Center and Workplace
  • Luxury Street Boutique connects companies with potential clients.
  • Here, you can find lounges and sports.
  • On this property, there are also roomy parking spaces.
  • Good connectivity and continuous power backup

Location Advantages:

  • Ideally located with access to Golf Course Road (Extn.), Sohna Road, and NH-8.
  • Primarily the main, 60-meter-wide service road.
  • 2.5 kilometers away is the Dwarka Expressway.
  • You can get to the Indira Gandhi International Airport in 35 minutes.
  • Proximity to the Cyber Hub

This property will offer its 44 partners a luxurious canvas to present their brands authentically. Through maintaining a culture of customer satisfaction and never compromising on quality, The Galleries has spread its splendor far and wide and is expanding its market quickly. True Asset Consultancy is one of the best places to buy 32nd Avenue Limestone. 

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