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Maruti targets exports worth Rs20,000 crore in three years

We all know that every person under two is driving. Maruti is now targeting exporting half the number of cars from the country in the next three years. They believe that people should know their plans in advance as it builds a strong relationship. They also plan to leverage the global resources of the Japanese parent and its alliance partner, Toyota Motor, to increase their shipments. It was in the last fiscal year that it accounted for a little over 40% of the total exports from India. 

If we talk about Suzuki and Toyota, India is set to be the key source hub for not just vehicles but also for the components as well, like lithium-ion cells for electric vehicles. Maruti is aiming to export components and vehicles worth up to $2.5 billion, which is Rs 20,000 crore, in the next three years. All these fillings are with the stock exchange under a new rule related to party disclosures. 

The export turnover approval of Rs 20,000 crore for fiscal 2025 will indicate the shipment and it would be about 350,000 units with the consideration of Rs 5.5 lakh per vehicle. The executive director, Rahul Bharti, did not make any comment on the number yet. But they said the exports will grow strongly, and the company expects the moment to continue. 


  1. Who is the executive director of Maruti?

Ans. Rahul Bharti 

  1. What is the target of Maruti Suzuki?

Ans. Increase export of Rs 20,000 for 2025

  1. Which is the last year’s fiscal accounted for the export from India?

Ans. 40%

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