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Top Health Companies

Top Health Companies who provide you health product at Affordable Costs

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The health care industry is one of the most lucrative in the Health Companies, with a lot of companies competing to provide services and products for your health needs. To help you get an idea of how big these Health Companies are, some of the top players in the field are:

Top Health Companies
Top Health Companies

Johnson & Johnson (One of the best Health Companies)

Johnson & Johnson, Inc. is an American multinational health care products and services corporation headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It was founded in 1876 by Thomas C. McNeil and his wife, Anna McNeil, as McNeil Medical Supply Company, and operated as a family business until it was acquired by Johnson & Wales University in March 2010. The company’s products include pharmaceuticals for human use, over-the-counter medications for consumer use such as bandages or cold medicines,[3] medical devices such as orthopedic braces[4] (e.g., artificial limbs) or hearing aids[5], nutrition products like Ensure liquid food supplements, which replace liquid diets during times of illness or disability.[6][7][8]

J&J operates in over 60 countries, with headquarters located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.A. J&J employs over 130 000 people globally who work from offices located across the globe, ranging from India to Brazil to Switzerland, etc.

UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is a health insurance company based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. It is the largest provider of individual and group health insurance, as well as Medicare and Medicaid coverage in the United States. Its operations are divided into four segments:

  • OptumHealth – provides clinical services through various facilities.
  • OptumInsight – provides analytics, information technology infrastructure, and outsourcing services.
  • OptumRx – provides pharmacy benefit management services for employers and individuals through its retail pharmacy network.
  • Medicare & Medigap – manage Part D prescription drug plans for seniors (Medicare Advantage) or people with disabilities (Medicaid).

Procter and Gamble

Procter & Gamble is a multinational consumer goods company that produces a wide range of brands in personal care, household cleaning, and pet care categories. With headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, and beauty brands like Gillette, Old Spice, and Pantene under its umbrella, P&G has over 400 manufacturing plants across the world.

The company sells more than $30 billion worth of products annually through retail stores as well as directly to consumers via its websites such as ShopP&G where you can buy all your favorite P&G products including laundry detergent or toothpaste at discounted prices!

Procter & Gamble also owns many other companies including Clorox which makes bleach (the product I use daily), Crest which makes dental products like toothpaste or mouthwash, etc., Bounty paper towels etc., Speed Stick antiperspirant deodorant brand among others used by millions worldwide every day!

CVS Health

CVS Health is a pharmacy and Health Companies. It was founded in Rhode Island in 1963 by Charles A. Schwab and Henry W. Williams, both former executives of Burroughs Corporation (now known as Unisys). The original name chosen for the new company was “Sterling Drug Company.” However, because of its similarities to other companies using this name (including Sterling Drug Company), it was changed to “CVS Health.”

CVS Health has now expanded into many different markets throughout the United States, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont as well as Arizona (through their subsidiary Caremark Rx), California (through their subsidiary Caremark), Colorado (through their subsidiary Caremark), Florida (through its subsidiary CVS Pharmacy), Georgia(through its subsidiary CVS Pharmacy), Indiana(through its subsidiary CVS Pharmacy), Kentucky(through its subsidiary CVS Pharmacy), and Louisiana(through its subsidiary CVS Pharmacy).


McKesson is a health services company is one of the the biggest brand in Health Companies that was founded in 1868 and has more than 300 distribution facilities in the United States. Through their network of pharmacies, McKesson provides pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other products to hospitals, health systems, medical practices, and other organizations through their network of pharmacies.

Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is a US-based company is the brand in Health Companies that distributes pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. The company was founded in 1905 and is the second-largest pharmaceutical distributor in the world. It has more than 100,000 employees across more than 30 countries, making it one of the largest employers worldwide. As of 2018, Cardinal Health had revenues exceeding $120 billion.[1]

Cardinal Health’s headquarters are located in Dublin,[2] Ohio; however, its main administrative office staff together with other departments (e.g., finance) at corporate headquarters in Norwalk.[3]


Walmart is the largest retailer in the Health Companies, with more than $500 billion in sales and over 2 million employees. The company’s revenue comes from selling groceries, hardware, and housewares, clothing and accessories, health & beauty products (including pharmacy), electronics (including appliances), sporting goods, and toys.

The Walmart headquarters is located on one campus in Bentonville, Arkansas which covers about 400 acres of land; there are also satellite offices throughout North America to support business growth.

Walmart’s founder Sam Walton opened his first store in Newport Beach California on July 2nd, 1962 with an initial investment of $10 000 dollars! Today it operates over 11 000 stores across 28 countries around the globe including Canada where it has operations based out of Quebec City Quebec Canada Ottawa Ontario Saskatchewan Vancouver British Columbia Alberta Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland Labrador Northwest Territories Nunavut Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Yukon Territories Ontario Quebec Manitoba Saskatchewan Alberta British Columbia Manitoba Ontario New Brunswick Newfoundland Labrador Northwest Territories Nunavut Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Yukon Territories Yukon


AmerisourceBergen is the largest drug distributor in the world, based out of Pennsylvania. The company was founded in 1968 and has since expanded to become one of the most successful companies in their industry. In 2017 alone, they sold more than $35 billion worth of drugs and medical products.

The stock price for AmerisourceBergen was $103 per share as of January 2nd, 2019 which makes it a good investment for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio with some dividend-paying stocks (though we should note that not all stocks pay dividends).

Express Scripts Holding

Express Scripts Holding, Inc. is the largest pharmacy benefit manager in the United States and has more than 100 million customers. As of May 2018, Express Scripts had a market capitalization of $56 billion—making it one of the most valuable companies on this list. It also owns Medco Health Solutions, which operates drug stores and other related businesses such as mail-order pharmacies.

Express Scripts handles prescription drug claims for most employers and health insurance providers in the United States through its network of retail pharmacies across all 50 states; however it doesn’t cover any type of medical care outside those that have been contracted with them (i.e., they don’t offer direct primary care plans).


Anthem is a health insurance company that was founded in 2004. It’s the second largest health insurer in the United States, and it was acquired by WellPoint Inc. in 2017 for $69 billion (the deal closed on June 15).

The company offers plans through employers, consumer cooperatives, and other self-insured organizations as well as directly to individuals. Anthem also sells supplemental insurance products including medical expense coverage, Medicare supplement insurance, prescription drug plans, and more

Johnson and Johnson is the number one brand in the Health Companies, according to Fortune magazine.

Johnson and Johnson is the number one health company in the Health Companies, according to Fortune magazine. It has more than 300 subsidiaries and $500 billion in revenue. J&J has been around since 1826 when it was founded by William H. McAdam as a pharmaceutical company that produced a variety of products, including Band-Aids, Neosporin Cream, and Gravol tablets for stomachaches.

In recent years, J&J has expanded its business model into other areas such as medical devices (such as stents) or consumer goods like baby wipes that are sold under their own brand name instead of just being licensed out to other companies like they did before with Neosporin Creams and Band-Aids which were originally designed by Eli Lilly & Company before becoming part of Johnson & Johnson corporate structure after World War II ended with Germany losing all its territory except East Prussia along with Austria being annexed into Poland!


The top five health companies in the world are Johnson & Johnson, UnitedHealth Group, Procter & Gamble, CVS Health, and McKesson.

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