As we already know that fashion designing is the art of applying one’s imagination and skills to create new outfits and trends, fashion designers need certain things that inspire them. They can be anything. There are many things that can inspire a person to create a new style. People often pick ideas from random objects, incidents, or other things and create a new outfit or style of their own. However, there is a fine difference between ‘inspiring’ and ‘copying’. Fashion designing courses in Kolkata provided by INIFD Saltlake teach the students how to create their own styles using an idea from random objects.

There are many ways from where a person can get ideas. Some of them are as follows.

The Streets: Fashion often comes from the most unexpected things. For example, people all over the world wear torn clothes since it’s trending and they look cool. They often pair ripped jeans with a brownish shirt to create an old look.

Tradition: There are many places where traditional clothes are heavily used, for example, in India. Designers pick ideas from traditional garments and create new styles. They often put the ideas they picked from those traditional garments and combine them into modern garments to create a unique and creative look. 

Nature: Designers are heavily inspired by the beauty of nature. They create new trends by putting their own designs they created from elements of nature. Outfits made from natural figures look aesthetically pleasing. 

Culture: Outfits inspired by cultural elements are heavily used in countries like Japan. They are really gorgeous and eye-catching. The colour senses, hairstyles, and patterns are really unique and impressive.

Some other inspirational things include:

  • Magazines
  • Architecture
  • Design Blogs
  • Photographs
  • Board Games
  • Packaging Designs
  • Music
  • Art and Crafts

Choosing the correct fashion designing course can help the students to learn and understand how to create their own styles by taking inspiration from certain things. If they are passionate enough, they can easily learn everything about the inspirations of fashion designing.

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