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India vs England: First Test Match Overview

The world of cricket is very exciting when it comes to the sentiments of Indians. There is a large number of sports that are played all around the world but in India, no sport can take place of cricket. In this article, we are going to talk about the ongoing test series going between India and England.

Cricket consists of several formats but Test cricket has always been one of the most exciting. The legacy of test cricket has never faded over the years despite several new and popular formats.

The first test series overview

This is a four-match test series being played in India. As you know England is on itsfirst test tour to India in 2021.This test series is part of the inaugural ICC World Championship. One of the finalist spots has been grabbed by New Zealand already. And this series will decide whether India or England could be the other finalist. On the other hand, the Australian team still has the chance to be the second finalist. But that would also depend on the performance of India and England in the test series that we are talking about.

The Indian side seems quite confident in this test series as they performed really well in the last test series. They came out victorious in that test series despite missing some significant players in the squad. A team that can win test series with a normal player should never be underestimated.

The first match of this test series

Now we are talking about the first match of this series. This match is being played at MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. The first match began on February 5th, 2021. With the Indian side that was filled with confidence, the English side has performed really well.

By this time, the English team has established a really nice score that seems hard to compete against.

On day 3, the total score of the English team stands at 562. This is quite a great score against a team like India. But the Indian team came out to be very successful. At the time of writing this article, the English side has already lost 8 wickets which a massive success for team India.

Here is the overall summary in brief:

England vs India.

Batting side: England

Score: 562/8 (562 runs on the loss of 8 wickets)

Final thoughts

The world of cricket has also suffered a lot due to the pandemic. Thanks to the falling number of corona cases that matches have begun. But still, there are no spectators in the stadium. All you can do is to watch the match from your home on TV.

And this is not an unusual situation as soccer matches are being organized in the same manner. This is what we call as a new normal in the world of sports.

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