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How To Remove Hardness From Water – The Ultimate Guide

how to remove hardness of water

If you notice that your faucets have a chalky white buildup or your dishware sometimes gets spots on it, you have hard water. Hard water usually contains a high concentration of minerals like calcium or magnesium, which can cause a funny taste or smell. You can soften the water in your home and get rid of those minerals naturally or even prevent them from building up again by using one of these listed options.

Shower filters will how to remove hardness of water so it feels more like a spa every day. They are specially designed to work with high temperatures and water flow rates. You can find shower head filters at hardware stores and home centers, or online. To know exactly what minerals your water contains, try testing with water hardness testing strips. You can pick up testing strips at your local hardware store.

These kinds of ion exchangers are usually installed by a professional. Water coming into your home is run through the resin to pull out the contaminants. Purchase these types of softeners at hardware stores and home centers, then hire a professional to install them in your home.

When hard water is heated, the calcium in it will form scales on the bottom and sides of the pot or kettle. To remove hardness from your water, simply boil it for about five minutes and then allow it to sit for a few hours to cool. Once cooled, stir to remove the calcium scale with a spoon, then discard it.

Boiling doesn’t get rid of all the impurities in hard water, only the calcium. However, calcium is usually what causes the unpleasant smell and taste, so it can greatly improve your water. Some foods become tough and rubbery when cooking with hard water. While baking soda won’t totally soften water, it can help raise its pH level back to a natural state. If you want your dried beans and peas to taste better and be more tender, add 1 tsp (5.6 g) of baking soda when cooking them.

Washing soda, also known as sodium carbonate, can temporarily soften your water. Sprinkle washing soda over your clothes before starting the washing machine. Washing soda also helps lift dirt and grime from fabric, which means cleaner clothes.

The carbonate ions from washing soda react with the calcium and magnesium ions that are in hard water. The reaction eventually leads to the calcium and magnesium dissolving, leading to softer water. Start by installing a reverse osmosis filter on the back of your fish tank and make sure it’s plugged in. The filter will separate the impurities from the water and leave only the softened water in your tank.

Driftwood naturally releases tannins that soften the water in your fish tank. Pick up a log of driftwood from a beach nearby and then boil it in water for about 5 minutes. Let the log cool and then place it in your fish tank to naturally soften the water over time.  You can buy the best water purifiers in India. If your hard tap water is too hard for you to use for an aquarium, Over time, the hemic acid and the tanning agents in the moss will soften the water and filter it.

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