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How To Make Your Bathroom Look Like a Luxury Hotel

Bathroom Look

The tub, rainwater shower, spacious interiors and a massive mirror are some of the many amenities of a hotel bathroom. This is besides the king size bed and plush interior décor. You can probably spend an entire day in some bathrooms just because of the Bathroom Look. However, it is more than one feature of a star class hotel bathroom that makes it so luxurious.

Some of the other contributors to creating the plush interior is the colour schemes, choice of fixtures, size and features available are some of the ways a bathroom is made to feel so plush. You might frown at the size and state of your home bathroom once your holiday is over and luxury seems so far away, however there are a few ways you might come close to having your star class hotel bathroom experience right there in your own home.

Fluffy towels and robes

The oversized robes and bathroom slippers are some of the things that make the hotel experience luxury. However, on an everyday basis it may be difficult to enjoy the robes and slippers. But there is no reason to say you should not invest in them. After a long day sometimes all you need is just a relaxing evening in an expensive robe to wrap yourself after a long hot water shower, Luxury isn’t only in a star class hotel.

Change the tiles

Colors to make your bathroom look luxurious are the darker shades such as black or dark blue, it creates a minimalistic vibe. The whites portray space, this combined with aesthetic fixtures show elegance.

However, if you like eastern mosaic tiles, you can create a colourful pattern. This adds colour in a classy way. Tiling matters as dark colours can hide stains that happen over time. A slight splash of colour gives the bathroom a different dimension. It works well if you want to add space to a small bathroom space.

Fragrances and Aromatherapy

Fragrances and scents are the best forms of aromatherapy aimed at helping you relax and destress. Something about scented bathrooms can make you quite in love. You might not necessarily have the size and features of a star class hotel but you can definitely have the smell of one. Scents such as lavender, lemon grass and sandalwood are some easy to purchase scents or incense that can help really help create a vibe for your bathroom.

The right lighting

Luxury bathroom use warm lighting as a way to create the ambience. You may not think it is too important but believe us it is. Brightly lit bathrooms increase ambience and feeling by a great deal. Add lights near your mirror so its amps up the ambience and also helps you apply make up easily.

A dimmer is ideal when you want the lighting to fit your mood. Unlike white lighting, yellow lighting creates a warmness that it said to immediately relax you. When you walk into your bathroom after a long day you will be glad you installed these lights believe us.

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