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How Much Can You Earn After Becoming Certified in AZ 104?

What is AZ 104?

The Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification(AZ-104) is for system administrators who deal with Azure/Microsoft workloads or work as system administrators. The Azure Administrator will show how to manage and set up devices, users, permissions, general computing, cloud storage, and cloud networking, among other things.

The course code AZ- 104 refers to Azure Administrator Certification. This Microsoft Azure Certification is appropriate for people who want to work in a cloud computing platform that is more configuration-based rather than based on coding. 

How beneficial is Microsoft Certification?

Microsoft certification provides global recognition and a track record of mastering digital and cloud business skills.

Benefits of Microsoft certification are:

  • Promotion in the desired field
  • Skilled to cope with advanced technologies
  • Higher job satisfaction 

Before you apply for any Azure certification, you should understand what benefits you will receive from the Microsoft cloud certification in terms of your career.

  • Cloud computing has experienced tremendous development in the IT business.
  • The cloud is primarily used to power enterprises of all kinds.
  • Cloud services are becoming increasingly vital for IT businesses. 

Levels of Microsoft Azure Certification

The Microsoft Azure certification enhances the candidate’s knowledge and experience of Azure. With increasing demand, there has been an enormous increase in opportunities for Microsoft Azure certified professionals over the past few years.

Microsoft Azure Certification comprises three stages:

• Fundamental certifications (AZ-900)

• Associate level certifications (AZ-104, AZ-204, AZ-500)

• Expert level certifications (AZ- 303, AZ-304, AZ- 400)

Microsoft Azure Certification Training

The Microsoft Azure Certification Training Program introduces cloud computing, the Azure Stack, and is designed to help you start with Azure and build your skills and knowledge.

In most Western world countries, the cost of virtual classroom training varies from $2000 – $2595 for AZ-104 training. 

Skills Required for AZ-104 Certification

The following skills are required for AZ-104 certification:

  • Manage azure identity and governance
  • Set up and manage Azure storage
  • Set up and manage computing resources in Azure
  • Set up and manage virtual networking in Azure 
  • Back up and monitor Azure resources

If you have the skills mentioned above, you are good to go and get AZ-104 certification without delay. 

How much does Azure certification cost? 

Azure certification cost
Azure certification cost

Microsoft Azure AZ-104 professional and certification examinations generally cost $165 and have 40-60 questions. The Azure exam will take 180 minutes to complete. You must get a 700/1000 on the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) exam to qualify. 

Jobs For AZ-104 Certified Professionals

Those who pass the AZ-104 assessment will be considered for the following positions:

• Azure Cloud Administrator

• Systems Administrator

• Azure Technical Support Specialist

• Network administrator

How Much Can You Earn After Becoming Certified in AZ 104?

For years, the cloud sector has been flourishing. Even though COVID-19 has impacted everyone, Microsoft does not appear to have been affected.

Obtaining a current certification, such as Microsoft’s Azure Administrator Associate certification, can help you improve your cloud profession, because cloud security is on the rise.

An Azure expert’s average annual pay is $136,500, or $70 per hour. Those with 4-7 years of experience may expect to earn around $120,000 per year on average. 

Microsoft Azure Administrator Salaries in India

Moving from a wide certification to a more targeted and role-based certification, Global Knowledge has named Azure Administrator Associate as one of the top 15 highest-paying certifications. 

The average annual salary of a Microsoft Azure Administrator is 7 lakhs.

Annual Salary Based on Experience:

  • Based on the minimum experience of 2 years, the Microsoft Azure administrator will get paid around Rs. 3 lakhs per year (25k per month).
  • Based on an experience of around 13 years, the Microsoft Azure administrator will get paid around 17.7lakhs (1.5 lakh per month).


Microsoft Azure Certifications are a proven strategy to progress your career if you’ve been working in administration for several years and are concerned that you won’t get promoted. Passing the AZ-104 will not only demonstrate to your employer that your abilities have been certified by Microsoft, but it will also make you more desirable to rivals who may want to pay you more. Azure Certification can also serve as a career backup. You can apply for more advanced and specialized employment after you have earned the AZ-104.

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