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How Long Does It Take To Learn Rubik’s Cube

If you are reading this article then you are probably interested in cubing and are looking for ways to start your journey. You may also be curious as to how long your journey will last. Will it last a few days, a few weeks, some months or many years? To simply answer your curious mind like any other skills, learning and mastering the Rubik’s cube also depends on individuals. Your own abilities, dedication and hardwork will decide the pace of your learning time. Some people can master the basics in a few days or weeks while some people may take years. If you have the time and effort you can master the Rubik’s cube pretty quickly. Some people have claimed to solve the cube in mere days with no instructions. Some have also claimed it to do that in a day but these are just basic tricks you can learn to solve the basic problems in a cube. 

If you are looking to get started then you need a good quality cube. You can get one from Cubelelo- India’s leading cube store. They have physical stores as well as online store. You can visit their website through https://www.cubelelo.com or you can also do it.

Cube techniques to help you learn faster

Now that you have got yourself a good quality cube you can start your journey. Practice makes you perfect and so here are some tips and tricks to help you master the Rubik’s cube faster. 

Finger Tricks

Finger tricks in the cube are one of the best tips for a beginner. It will help you solve the cube faster and also better. You can improve your finger dexterity as well as reach the resolution quicker. Some of the most basic finger tricks are the U moves, L moves, R moves, B moves and D moves. These are immensely helpful in order to get your hands and fingers equipped with withholding the cube. It can help you practice the twisting and turning of the different parts in a cube. Everyone gets started with basic finger tricks so you can too. Practice them slowly first and then try to increase your speed. 


Parts of the cubes are marked with notations. A basic notation may look like this – R (where R stands for right). Combined notations form codes which make algorithms. Algorithms are used to solve Rubik’s cube. These are different combinations of movements that help solve the puzzle and reach a predictable result. Algorithms can be used in different combinations to solve different layers of the puzzle. The more algorithms you know the faster you get to solve the puzzle. There are many algorithms but knowing the basic ones can help you solve the cube from almost all types of situations. Experiment with different combinations of moves to get better and faster. 

Tutorials and information from different sources

In order to pick up your skills you need to have a good grasp of the theory. You need to first gain theoretical information and then apply it in a practical format in order to learn better. There are many sources from where you can gather your information. One of the best methods would be Youtube tutorials. These video tutorials not only teach you theoretical knowledge but also show you how to apply it. It is the best way you can learn different skills and also witness their application for almost no cost. Another way is research online where you can find various articles about the information. You can also follow famous and successful cubers in order to take inspiration from their stories and gain knowledge from their experience. 

Compete, enter events and monitor yourself

Entering online and offline competitions can help you in many ways. You can learn and grow from your competitors. You can pick up skills from strong competitors and also monitor your own weaknesses. Competitions are a great way to not just learn but also assess your own abilities and need for improvement. It can help you get into a high competitive spirit as well. You can improve your speed, ability and dexterity by the knowledge you gain from competitions. Taking part in cubing events can also help you meet fellow individuals who share the same interests as you. You can share your knowledge and information and also gain friends.  This is probably a reason why even  successful cubers still take part in events and competitions because of their continuous need for growth and improvement. 

Final Thoughts

Even with these tips it is ultimately your own dedication and ability that will help you with the Rubik’s cube. The more you practice and perfect your skill the faster you’ll be able to master it. 

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