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How Effective Invisalign is for Underbite- A Brief Discourse

It is a truth to accept that none of us is born with a picture-perfect smile. A lot of us are facing Problems like crossbites, gapped teeth, overcrowding, underbites, and other oral problems. Luckily braces have been invented to fix these problems and achieve the smile you miss to make your appearance perfect. So, people who are suffering from underbite find braces helpful to align their teeth.

In this content, you will get to see what are the braces made of and how they can treat the underbite problem to achieve the smile you always wanted.

What is Underbite? It is an annoying orthodontic issue found when the upper row of the teeth sits behind the lower teeth. This is a case when the lower jaw overgrows or the upper jaw remains underdeveloped. Sometimes both can be the reason behind such misalignment.

An underbite happens due to genetics or bad habits in childhood. If any of your parents or member of your family has this problem, it might happen to you. Apart from that, there are certain childhood habits that make a bad impression on your teeth-

·         Excessive thumb sucking.

·         Feeding on the bottle even after the infant phase.

·         Prolonged use of a pacifier.

·         Pushing on front teeth with the tongue.

Sometimes, accidents cause severe injury, which can damage the jawbones and misalign the teeth. Also, keep checking whether it is a tumor in the mouth that can cause the jaw to protrude.

Problems That Can Be Caused by the Underbite: Patients who are suffering from underbite may find it a bit painful in some cases. The upper and lower teeth get damaged due to tooth decay and sometimes it causes jaw pain. Moreover, people suffer from problems like sleeping, snoring, and breathing throughout the night due to underbite.

How Effective are the Braces in Treating Underbite? Over the period, braces are tightened as per the gradual shift of your teeth. Fixing the underbites are extremely easy with Invisalign aligners. Besides stopping the pain associated with the underbite, it prevents serious jaw problems from occurring in the future and helps in everyday motions for breathing and eating. Sometimes, orthodontists suggest patients wear rubber bands along with their braces. This orthodontic treatment also helps to straighten and align the teeth and gum as well.

How Long Does It Take to Treat the Underbite?

The length of the underbite treatment depends on the severity of the misalignment and willingness to keep the braces as per the recommended hours in a day.

In minor cases, it takes almost 3-4 months, whereas moderately severe cases need about 12 months to correct the problem. These durations are still shorter than traditional metal braces.

How Does the Invisalign Make Difference Than Other Braces?

  • It is a patient-friendly treatment option, which is far better than the traditional metal braces. Here are some advantages of this treatment for underbite are mentioned below-

  • As the name suggests, the treatment uses invisible braces, which no more makes the users feel annoyed by letting anyone know about the treatment. Since Invisalign aligners come with no metal wires and brackets, people will get to see your clear and beautiful smile only.

  • The user will get both the comfort and convenience while wearing the braces. Since the aligners are custom-made for individual patients, it will gradually push the teeth and gum to come back to their original position.

  • While following the guidelines as suggested by the orthodontist for the Invisalign treatment, your oral hygiene will get improved. Since you can take off the aligners to clean your teeth, it will allow you to improve oral hygiene besides preventing tooth decay.

  • Your periodontal health will improve. Each set of aligners will gradually move the teeth to their original position and the doctor will call you on appointment every 2 weeks to make sure that they are being shifted accordingly by the Invisalign for Underbite.

  • You can eat whatever you want; provided, you are following the guidelines to care for your teeth, gum, and aligners. You have to take off the clear braces and then you have to eat your favorite snacks and meal without the worry of food particles stuck in the braces.

  • You will become much more confident about your appearance.

According to the studies, both the metal braces and clear aligners are effective in treating the underbite. But, when asking for a choice, patients prefer clear aligners over the traditional ones due to aesthetics, superior comfort, and easy to maintain oral hygiene. Moreover, the shorter span to shape the teeth and gum has made the Invisalign the preferred one.

It is important that the patient must wear the aligner for 20-22 hours a day to see the desired results. Since aligners are replaced every one or two weeks, each replacement tray gets different from the previous one. Invisalign aligners are orthodontic appliances, not retainers and they actively move the teeth to shape the mouth and the jaw, which hold the teeth in place.

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