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How Ceiling Fans are Different from Stand Fans

Ceiling Fans

If you are not sure whether a ceiling fan or a stand fan could be the correct fit for your needs, you are in the right place. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of a ceiling fan and a stand fan over each other so that you can make an informed decision:

Short Ceilings and High Heads

If you intend to use a stand fan, make sure that there’s adequate clearance around the fan so that the grill doesn’t get obstructed, and people can walk by without knocking it over, and you can put it virtually everywhere. Ceiling fans are slightly different in this regard.

The ceiling that they’re mounted on should be strong enough to accommodate the load of the fan, and they’re typically only sustained in rooms that have ceilings at or above 8 feet in height. The blades must be between 7 and 9 feet higher than the floor and 10-12 inches lower than the ceiling. If the ceiling fans are installed closer to the floor, there is a high probability that a taller person could easily run into the blades.

Convenience and Versatility

Stand fans are tiny and compact, making them easy to move from room to room; according to the dimensions, they can be positioned on desks, floors, countertops, and tables and are usually the best option to provide localized cooling in small areas.

On the other hand, top quality Havells ceiling fans generally have larger blades and can move more air than stand fans and are firmly plugged within your home’s wiring. They can be removed in location shifting, but you will be left with bare wires in the room ceiling unless you install a different fixture.

Features and Style

Havells ceiling fans are available in a massive range of designs, materials, colours. Most models let you change the blades to create an entirely new look in your room, meaning they will fit in with almost any kind of design. On the other hand, Stand fans are less flexible in design.

They are available in various materials and colours, but swapping out their cover or blades isn’t possible. Stand fans provide greater flexibility with regard to features like oscillation, adjustable heights, and different speeds. Ceiling fans are typically limited to various speeds as well as reverse oscillation.

Security and hazards

As long as they’re set up correctly, ceiling fans are safe to use. Whereas, if you set the ceiling fan too low, a passerby may run into it. However, their position on the ceiling allows them to prevent kids from sticking their fingers in the fans, making them more secure than stand fans. Children generally love fans and placing your face on the grill while making funny sounds almost everyone has done.

Even though such games are harmless but might lead them to put their fingers into an open grill, causing the blade to break, or in a worse case, they might injure themselves. Havells stand fans have safety grills for children; these special frames are designed uniquely so that children cannot fit a finger between them; however, not all table fans come with this feature.

Ceiling fans move cool air by pushing them from the ceiling into your living space to make it feel cooler during summer. Stand fans can also circulate air; however, rather than pushing the air downward, they push it outward.

Furthermore, they can be placed close to windows to draw in the fresh air. Both types of fans have numerous advantages and disadvantages; however, the ideal choice for your home is based on the space and needs of your home. If you are delaying the purchase of your favourite Havells ceiling fan or Havells stand fan due to budget constraints, then you are in luck. Keep reading to explore more.

The most efficient way of purchasing your favourite Ceiling or Stand Fan

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