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Google Isn’t Finished Rolling Out Its Update For Useful Content

We continue to monitor this Google helpful content update to see whether it has any effect on the rankings, but so far, we have not noticed any significant, Panda-like adjustments. No need to worry; as Danny Sullivan noted yesterday, Google will update this page once it is finished.

“Update isn’t done,” Danny tweeted. “As we’ve said, it’s also a part of an ongoing endeavour. We’ll keep improving how it functions. The direction we’ve provided is what SEOs and creators should think about, “Added he.

If you have strong material, you’re generally alright, Danny continued, “updates don’t necessarily entail a major giant shift.” “Those who have content with issues, there can be reasons why they might not want to be really public about a change,” Danny said.

He also said “We will monitor this and keep you updated, but this week because I am on vacation, I will compose these stories less than 24 hours in advance. Google has now confirmed that the update is complete, so there is a potential that this story will be published.”


1- Update is done or not?

Ans- No

2- When did helpful content update start?

Ans – August 18 but officially started rollout ok 25 August

3- When will the update be done?

Ans – Soon but we will inform you

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