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Gang shootings cast a shadow over the vote

Gang crime and gun violence are one of the leading issues in Sweden’s media and it is described as one of the ugliest election campaigns in history till now. Martin Guner, a police officer in the suburb of Gottsunda, said, “Right at this spot here we had a shooting about this time last year.” It was just a 15-minute drive from the medieval spires of the University of Uppsala. 

As it is known for drugs and gun battles, Gottsunda is counted as one of the most vulnerable areas in Sweden. Even the media labeled this area as a “no-go” zone.  Parents take their toddlers home from preschool and the middle-class families at the local shopping center pile the groceries into the electric cars and bicycle baskets. 

According to a report by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, gun crime in Sweden is increasing at a much faster rate than anywhere else in Europe. A few high-profile arrests in that area have helped to calm the violence in the past few months. So far, about 47 people have died from the shootings in the country so far. 

The violence is now increasing and the local people have to suffer. A five-year-old girl child was injured by the gunfire in the playground in the city of Eskilstuna along with the two people who were hurt.


  1. Who founded the Gottsunda?

Ans. Martin Gunner 

  1. How many areas are vulnerable in Sweden?

Ans. 10 

  1. How many people died from shootings in the country last year?

Ans. 47

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