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Visit the Best Sexologist for Foreskin Infections Treatment in Gurugram

foreskin infections

There are a few conditions and infections through which an uncircumcised man or boy can go through in their lives. These foreskin problems can be due to some bacterial and fungal infections. Also keeping poor hygiene or some allergies can also cause problems in the foreskin of the penis. Some of the common foreskin problems can be Balanitis, Posthitis, Paraphimosis and etc. But with the advancement in medical science, there are a lot of medications and surgeries for foreskin infections treatment.

What is a foreskin Infections?

Foreskin Infections
Foreskin Infections

The skin which holds the glans of the penis is known as the foreskin. During the time of birth, the glans and foreskin are very lightly joined. By the age of 5, the skin is mostly able to retract in boys to an extent; while boys of 9 to 10 years who have reached puberty; are able to fully retract the foreskin. But the good news is that these foreskin infections can be successfully cured with the help of medications and surgeries. And the treatment for foreskin infections like phimosis and paraphimosis is the procedure of circumcision surgery.

Some common foreskin infections in men are-

Here is a list of some common foreskin infections which men can go through their lifetime is as follows.

1. Balanitis-

It is a common problem; which can affect men of any age. In this problem, there is inflammation of the glans of the penis. Also, the problem is highly common in uncircumcised men as compared to circumcised men. But the problem can be fully cured if known in time. Also, there are three types of Balanitis; which are Zoon’s balanitisCircinate balanitis and Pseudoepitheliomatous keratotic and micaceous balanitis. There are some common symptoms that men can go through if they suffer from Balanitis; which are as follows-

  1. Rashness or itchiness in the pubic areas.
  2. Continuous discharge from the penis.
  3. You have tender or sore glands.
  4. There is swelling or redness around the penis.
  5. Unpleasant or foul smell from the penis.
  6. Painful sores in the pubic area.
  7. There is bleeding in the area of the foreskin.
  8. You have a problem pulling back your foreskin.


If the foreskin of the penis becomes too tight; and is unable to leave the head of the penis; then you are suffering from Phimosis. If you suffer from a severe Phimosis condition then you may feel extreme pain during urination or may have skin or urinary tract infections. Also, old men who go through the problem of Phimosis can also have a higher risk of cancer infections. You can also go through severe pain during intercourse and erections. Thus, for this circumcision is the best treatment available. In this process, the foreskin of the penis is removed using a surgical method.


In this problem; generally, the bending of tissues takes place on the side where it connects to the foreskin. Thus, it completely restricts the movement of the foreskin. Also, this process can cause a lot of pain at the time of intercourse. Thus in this condition doctors generally do Frenuloplasty surgery; in which the tissue is stretched to make it long and the opening is then stitched back well.


If the foreskin of the penis retracts behind the head of the penis; and is unable to go back to its normal position. Then the condition is known as Paraphimosis. Thus, this condition can cause pain, stop the blood flow and can cause a lot of swelling in the penis. It is a very serious medical condition; to which the patient must be rushed to the doctor. As if it is not treated in time it can lead to permanent damage to the penis. Also, the patient can apply an ice pack to control the swelling around the penis. You can also try to bring back the foreskin to the ideal position by applying some lubricants.

The doctors also use the process of injecting medicines to lessen the swelling in the penis. However, if even after trying everything, the foreskin does not get back to its normal position; then the surgeon may use a surgical process to bring it back to its ideal position.

Best sexologist in Gurgaon for foreskin Infections treatment-

If you too have been suffering from any of the above foreskin infections; and you need immediate treatment for it at pocket-friendly prices. Then, you should definitely seek help from the world-renowned sexologist in Gurgaon; Dr Chirag Bhandari. Who has a very wide experience in treating male sexual problems; and has given positive results to 99 per cent of their patients. He is also the founder and director of the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health. Also, there are various branches of this hospital in the country. Some of the famous IASH institutes in India are Jaipur, Gurgaon, Delhi, etc. So, if you suffer from any such problem do not think twice and consult IASH Gurgaon immediately.

Take Away-

If you suffer from any infection of the foreskin; it can be a very stressful and painful situation for the patient. Thus, it needs medical attention to ease down your pain. Although these conditions in you can develop due to a number of reasons. And the foreskin infections are much more common in young and uncircumcised men. And the condition is less prevalent in men with older ages.

Thus, a lot of people have been finding a reputed hospital; to get rid of these intimate and sexual problems. So, if you are one of them and are looking for a permanent solution to your sexual issue. Contact the highly qualified team of IASH India; and the famous sexologist Dr Chirag Bhandari. You can also book an online counselling session with the doctors of IASH. Also, if you need any other information regarding the doctors and the institute; check it out on their official website which is “IASH India“.

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