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Entrepreneur’s Guide to App Development

In today’s digital age, more or less every business start-up needs a mobile application. If you are an entrepreneur willing to have a developed mobile app with a little budget in your pocket, you must follow some tips and strategies. This is an issue for many start-up companies that need a customized business application. The success of your business depends on the success or failure of the application. For a successful application, you can hire a developer or a mobile app development company newyork. There are certain key factors that you need to understand about the app development process. You can hire an experienced and skilled app developer to successfully create and develop an application for your new business venture.

The blog will highlight the key factors you must know before you get into the application process. The suggestions will help you maintain a healthy bond with your developer as well.

About Your App Development Idea

What do you aim to achieve?

You must have a clear idea about what you wish to achieve. A transparent idea about your requirement will itself fix the problematic issues in the course of the development process. But, it might not be possible because it is a new application. You may not know how the app will look, the features, the design, page details, etc.

Where should you begin?

You must do thorough market research to develop the best possible ideas about your future application. You must jot down all the potential features, functionalities, screens that you want your app to have. This is only the conceptualization process. In reality, this is not the app that you will process. 

The best way to develop a successful app is to hand it to the customer or the end-user as quickly as possible. Then, you collect the reviews and feedback and understand whether the business application is a success or a failure. One of England’s best Agile Experts, Keith Richards, has told if you want to fail, then fail soon. This most effective way to quickly structure your business model the way you want it is that the entire project is viable, and there is a buy-in from users. 

You can reduce the features to the minimum level to strengthen your business model. This process is also known as Minimum Viable Product (MVP), a much-discussed topic in the industry. Every feature needs specific development time and cost. You can remove testing the unnecessary elements to save both time and money. On the most important note, the strategy reduces the time to get the app into customers’ hands. 

Before you think of appointing an application developer, you can do a lot to ease the development process. You may not even need a developer at all? Ask yourself the following questions, and see whether you know the answer or not.

  • What is the application’s primary function?
  • What is the Unique Selling Point?
  • Who are the Users?
  • What is the purpose of the app?
  • How will they use the app?
  • Will personal details or sensitive data be entered into the application?
  • How will the users enter and collect information?
  • What information does the app provide?

After you know the answer to these questions, you can communicate with the app developer quite clearly. A clear vision of your ideas will lessen the time and cost of the app development

App Development
App Development

Is the App Free or Chargeable?


Google and Apple both allow you to distribute your app for free if you do not apply any charge. In the case, you charge for your application, both the platforms will draw commission. 

If your business plan demands immediate income, Google and Apple allow your apps’ free distribution funded from another source like advertising or In-App Purchase via the website or subscription via the website, etc. 

Advertising is the fastest to implement but somewhat irregular in terms of income. App purchases and subscriptions are more comparatively complex and demand more time and cost. 


Both Google and Apple application stores enable the users to bill directly through the store platforms. The commission charges are not so low. The charges are,

  • Apple App Store Commission: 30%
  • Google Play Store Commission: 15% + VAT Tax up to first 1 million pound purchase 

Ways to Charge

Different options are available for app store billing:

  • Pay per Download
  • In-App Payment 
  • Subscriptions 

There are not many things to set up using store platforms. You do not need to set up a billing backend, as the stores provide them. You need to follow the rules and regulations determined by each store.

If you launch a new application, you can use the free premium model to offer your app for free for a specific period. After the free period is over, you can apply changes. You can offer the users incentives for investing their valuable time. 

Mobile Platform Choice 

The two major mobile platforms are Android and iPhone. Amazon and Windows are also available, but while launching a brand new application idea, connecting with the best apps will enhance your outreach. 

Until your business model gets approved, it is convenient to choose between Google and Apple. If you are entirely new to the ground, you better start with Android (Google) due to its simplified technology pattern. Later, you work on iPhone applications. 

App Development Technology 

Myriads of application development platforms are available in the market. Being an entrepreneur in the app development ground, you need to choose whether to use ‘Native’ or ‘Cross Platform’ technology. 

Most developers prefer to choose Cross-Platform/Hybrid technology to develop and deploy iPhone and Android devices quickly. Cross-Platform allows the developer to use the code once with some improvement from time to time. 

In the ‘Native’ development process, the developers need to use the application code individually for every platform. So, you need to use two different programming languages and systems. It is preferred to use Native technology initially for easy use and better performance. 

Key Features of a Mobile Developer

Most developers have a ready list of applications they have developed on their websites. Before you appoint an application developer, you must focus on few factors, 

  • Please look at the previous apps developed by them and see whether any of those resemble your application idea. If they have already developed something similar to yours, it will help you to ease the process.
  • Have the developers already worked on the platforms that you have chosen for your apps? If yes, it will make things easier for you.
  • Are the developers updated with the current skills and technologies? Mobile Platforms are constantly changing, so as the rules and regulations of the app stores. It is necessary on the part of a developer to be aware of the recent changes in the platforms you have selected.
  • You have to see their project management process before appointing them. If the developers follow the techniques you demand your application, it will help you monitor the entire development process.

Payment and Motivation

Generally, the developers have fixed rates for their jobs, but sometimes, problems arise with this approach. The reasons are mainly,

  • It is a lengthy process to specify a software project keeping minute details in mind. If the project is not entirely specified, developers will develop the software only to meet the specification. If the software is not specified rightly, you need to pay extra for the additional chores. 
  • As the app is new, it is not possible to specify the app entirely. Either the app has to be very simple, or you need to invest a long time identifying every little detail of the application. 
  • When you receive a working prototype application, you want to change it. If you do not change it later, your customers will want the app to be changed, which will cost you extra bucks.
  • When your application becomes successful, you want to upgrade the application with further changes. All these changes cost money, and every time, you need to pay more to the developers.
  • You need to invest extra costs in updating the applications in every few months. 

All the changes will add extra costs. Your developer may not cooperate anymore as it takes much longer than they thought, and they may get into other projects as well. So, this is risky. As an entrepreneur, you need to consistently reduce the risk factors as much as possible. You may offer your developer a percentage of your current revenue to boost their spirit and dedication. 

Communicate with the Developer

Have transparent communication with your app developers regarding every aspect of the application and convince your developer about your requirements.

Keep Track of the Development Process

Always keep track of the development process. You must attend the regular meetings and know about the updates. You need to monitor the project to control the flow. Respond to the queries of the developers quickly to keep the project easy-going. 

We have already discussed ‘App Launch and Maintenance’ previously. You need to listen to the customer feedback and bring changes accordingly. Engaging the users in the process is a crucial factor in app development.

Final Takeaways app Development
  • Develop Apps quickly and hand them to the users
  • Be clear about your requirements
  • Reward developers 
  • Ask for Criticism 
  • Thank users personally for their feedback
  • Take time to write your App Story 
  • Respond fast to the developers
  • Share your revenue with developers. 

I Hope, the suggestions will help you. 

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