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Does masturbation is good for you?

Does masturbation is good for you?

There is a lot of conflicting information on the internet about masturbation. But if we see masturbation from the perspective of the victim, then it is something that will affect your mental and physical health. In this context, you will get to know how masturbation affects our mental and physical health. Make sure you are considering all the points and then focus on avoiding masturbation when you are alone. 

masturbation is good for you

Here are some negative aspects of masturbation:


Almost every person is just starting to use masturbation to seek pleasure. It is a solo activity that releases satisfaction hormones and also makes you sexually active. People are doing it very frequently and just go with the flow. They start doing it whenever they want. Frequent masturbation is not good for the body and the mind as well. You can not focus on the work and on the day-to-day activities by indulging in the activity. 

It could hurt you 

When you start masturbating frequently, then you are on the way to harming yourself. Excessive masturbation can cause different kinds of injuries to the vagina and penis, like skin chaffing and rashing. If you do not limit the frequency of masturbation then you will lead to severe diseases which can ruin your sexual life. 

When you start masturbating frequently

You may feel stressed 

Masturbation excessively will start affecting your social life as you will just try to get more chances to do it. You will also start preventing yourself from going out, and you will not get the pleasure. It will also start affecting your mental health along with your physician. You should consult with a medical expert as it is not considered normal sexual behavior. 

It might impact the sexual life 

No doubt, masturbation will make you sexually active, but if you are overdoing it, then it will impact your sex life later. Because rubbing the vagina and the penis will teach a solo act to your brain, and once you become addicted to it then your brain and body will get off of the solo response. And it will start impacting and ruining the sexual life with your partner. 

It might impact the sexual life 

Use unclean sex toys 

Stop using unclean sexual toys for masturbation as it will lead to bacteria and infections. You should always keep them sanitized and put them in a clean place. You should also avoid using a same-sex toy with multiple partners, as it will increase the risk of sexual infections and diseases more than pleasure. 


If you feel that you are masturbating every single day, about twice or thrice, then you are addicted to it. Masturbation is okay if you are doing it in a controlled manner. But if you can not control the urge to masturbate, then you are on the wrong path and you should consult with the doctor. 

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