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Cyber Security Career, Salary, Jobs and Skills

With the world churning virtual cyber-attacks are constantly flooding newheadlinesCovid 19 acceleratedthe current digitaltransformationand the year 2020 witnessed several databreachessince technologyhas become moreintertwined with our daily lives.it is no surprise that the need forskilled cybersecurityprofessionals isincreasing.

In this article,I will take you through the topcybersecurity career options availabletoday.There is a significant lack ofskilled cybersecurityprofessionals whocan tackle the cybersecurity challengesfaceddaily hence a career in cybersecurityis demanding and equally rewarding.

Finding the right career path in thecybersecurity industry isn’t alwayseasy here. we are here to help you withthatthere are a few prerequisites for acareer in cybersecurity.

Bachelor’s degree

the basic one being a bachelor’s degreein a subject relating to cybersecurity. However, if you don’t have a relevantdegree you can always take up relevantcybersecurity certifications and kickstart your cybersecurity journey.

Networking knowledge

A few other skills like networkingknowledge of operating systems and cloudsecurity are required to start and growyour cybersecurity career.It is best if you start with entry-leveland then move on to the next level withthe help of certifications and relevantexperience.

Here let us have a look at the top fivecybersecurity job roles today:

Network engineer

The first job role is that of a networkengineer.Construct andadminister a company’s computer networkthey are responsible for installingconfiguring and supporting networkequipment.They also configure and maintainfirewall switches and routers.This entry-level cybersecurity job canhelp you start your journey to becoming anethical hacker.The annual average salaryof a network engineer in the US iseighty-five thousand and ninety-eightdollars and in India, it is around fivehundred ten thousand rupees.

Second, on our list is an informationsecurity analyst

As an information security analyst, yourprimary duty is to protect sensitiveinformation.Security analysts create andimplement plans for preventing cyber-attacks,they monitor data access and ensurecompliance with policiesdepending on the cyber threat.Theydecide if it has to be resolved orescalated, furtherin the US an information security analyst earns 89 and 140 dollars annually and in India,they earn 6 lakh 42 and 756 rupees.

Third, on our list is an ethical hacker

Theyare also known as penetration testersthey are network security consultantswho identify and exploit the systemvulnerabilities just likehow a hacker would do.They probe andtest the network using variouspenetration tools andsoftware.They also design newpenetration tools and documents.The testresultsin the US a certified ethical hackerearns around 93 000on an annual average basis and in India they make around 5 lakh rupees.

The fourth job role that we are going totalk about is a security architect

Security architects research and planthe security elements for theirorganizations.They design robust security structuresthat are capable of preventing malwareattacks.A security architect approves theinstallation of routersVPN and firewalls.Their duties go beyondjust architecture building andincludingformulating company proceduresguidelines and user guidessecurity architects.In the US they make ahandsome sum of 124 000a year on average and in India theymake nearly 21 lakh80 000 rupees.

Finally, fifth on ourlistis the chief information security officer(CISO)

They are senior-level officers in anorganization.They ensure the safety of theinformation they develop implement andmaintaininformation security and risk managementprograms.They also interact with stakeholders andregularly brief them with informationsecurity concerns.The average annual salary of achiefinformation security officer in theUS statesis a whopping 165 000annually and in India, it is 22 lakhand 845 rupees.

Several companies arelooking for skilledcybersecurity professionals. You can grow your cybersecurity career.You can check out the cybersecurityexpertmaster’s program to equip you with thenecessary skills needed to become anexpert in thisrapidly growing domain.These courses will help you learn variousmethods as to how you can protect yourinfrastructure,secure your data run the risk, analysisachievecompliance, and much more so with that, wecome to the end of this article on thecybersecurity career, thank you so much for being here.

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