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”Climate Catastrophe”: 1,000 People Died in Pakistan Floods

The navy has been sent out for the first time, with more than 30 million people affected throughout Pakistan, the fifth-most populous country in the world.

Since June, at least 1,000 people have died in Pakistan’s flooding as a result of the country’s worst rainfall in more than three decades, which has also cost the country more than $10 billion in damage. Sherry Rehman, Pakistan’s federal minister for climate change, called the extreme weather event, which came after some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded in South Asia, a “climate catastrophe” in a news interview that was shared on her Twitter account.

Rehman stated to the German news outlet DW News that “several areas are starting to seem like they’re part of the water.” “No dry land is being found by our helicopter sorties to dump food,”.

The fifth-most populated country in the world, Pakistan, has more than 30 million impacted residents, and the navy has been sent out for the first time, she continued.

According to local newspaper The News International, Finance Minister Miftah Ismail stated there was no quick assessment of how severely the various economic sectors had been impacted and the loss may exceed his estimate of $10 billion.


1- How many people are affected in Pakistan?

Ans – more than 30 million

2- Is Pakistan’s condition getting better?

Ans – No it’s more worse than before

3- How many people died due to this?

Ans – more than 1000

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