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List of 9 Best Psychologist/Therapist near me

One of the many specialities within Best Psychologist/Therapist near me, which is a broad and relatively new profession, is counselling psychology. This field of psychology is quickly expanding and includes both research and practical work in areas like supervision, health and wellness promotion, and education.

Counselling psychology employs thousands of professionals who provide therapy and in-person consultations to patients every day without the use of drugs, with the goal of giving them the skills they need to treat their disorders or problem on their own.

The top ten counselling psychologists in India are listed below. The list was chosen after taking into account each candidate’s academic background, marital counselling experience, line of work, and methods of societal contribution.

  1. Dr. P. T. Sunderam

One of India’s Best Psychologist/Therapist near me, Dr Sunderam wants to help both individuals and couples develop the skills necessary for healthy relationships. He holds a doctorate in neuro-linguistic psychology and is a postgraduate in counselling and psychotherapy. Over the past 20 years, Dr Sunderam has treated tens of thousands of individuals, couples, and inmates at Hyderabad’s central jail for everything from depression and stress to cases of emotionally disturbed people.

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Best Psychologist/Therapist near me

2. Prof. G. B. Singh

In 2011, Dr Prof. Singh has served as the executive director of the nonprofit organization All Indian Body. He is the Best Psychologist/Therapist near me and is esteemed for his abilities in psychoanalysis and counselling, particularly in the area of relationship counselling. He has received recognition on a global scale in the fields of cognitive neuropsychology, brain plasticity, and learning disabilities such as dyslexia, autism, and others.

He advises parents to have their kids tested and screened for dyslexia and other learning disabilities starting at the young age of four because these conditions are most likely a wide range of neurological conditions with genetic roots.

3. Ms. Rashi Anand Laskari

With a psychology degree from the University of Mumbai, Dr Rashi Anand Laskari is the  Best Psychologist/Therapist near me in the field of mental health care. She has her home in Mumbai. She has years of experience working as an individual and family therapist, where she assisted senior psychiatrist and marriage counsellor Dr Rajiv Anan for more than seven years, as well as a child and adolescent counsellor, where she served as a school psychologist for five years. She speaks Hindi and English and can be reached at her clinic in Mumbai’s Andheri district.

4. Mr. A. D. Mahapatra

Dr Mahapatra has 17 years of experience as a counselling psychologist and currently practices in Kolkata. He claims that the best treatment is provided without the use of drugs and is connected to local hospitals and clinics. Mr A.D. Mahapatra offers psychological disorders rehabilitative treatment. He has been able to treat a wide range of psychological disorders, personality issues, reasons for unhappiness, bad habits, behaviour issues, emotional problems, and issues with relationships, identity, and sexual development thanks to his specialization in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and psychological counselling. Mr. A.D. Mahapatra is one of the Best Psychologist/Therapist near me, you should visit him. 

5. Mrs. Arthai Selvan

A clinical psychologist with a license in India and the United States, both with offices in Hyderabad, respectively. She has 13 years of experience in the field of psychology and works in private practice at Pause for Perspective, a business that Mrs Selvan founded, where she currently treats individuals and families. She has particular expertise in cognitive behaviour therapy, intuitive eating counselling, and therapies based on mindfulness. She is the owner of the Simple Tools for Intentional Living (STIL) YouTube channel. You should visit her YouTube channel as she is one of the Best Psychologist/Therapist near me. 

6. Mrs. Hema Sampath

Clinical and occupational psychologist Mrs Sampath is currently in charge of Bangalore’s Regenerating Lives, a New Beginning, and a support group. She has been working for 12 years. studied for and earned degrees in NLP, counselling skills, and clinical psychology. Everyone experiences ups and downs in life, but most of the time, one can handle it on one’s own, according to her. A new beginning is necessary, though, when one is unable to overcome on their own and neither their close friends nor family members appear to be able to help.

She is the owner of Regenerating Lives, a counselling facility. You can view her works on the Doctors Circle YouTube channel. and can be reached in Bangalore, close to the Jeyadeva Hospital. You should visit the YouTube channel of Mrs. Hema Sampath as she is counted in one of the Best Psychologist/Therapist near me. 

7. Dr. Lakshmi T Rajan

Alumni from prestigious universities like the Bhagwat University, the Global Open University, and the Madras University. She is a Chennai-based psychologist with a B.Sc. in psychological counselling, an M.Sc. in psychotherapy and counselling, a M.Phil., and a PhD in psychology. With 12 years of experience and a lifelong commitment to the study of human behaviour, Mr Lakshmi Rajan is also an affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA). Her research led to the creation of Mind Management and Delta State Meditation, which have had a significant impact on the treatment of psychological disorders and given many people newfound hope. You must visit Dr Lakshmi T Rajan if you are in Chennai as she is the Best Psychologist/Therapist near me. 

8. Ms Chhaya Jain

In 2010 and 2012, Ms Jain studied for and earned her M.Sc. in Applied Psychology and Advanced Diploma in Counseling Psychology, respectively. Currently employed in Sion, Mumbai, she has eight years of experience. She is a reputable counselling psychologist who offers individualized treatment to people who are experiencing stress, tension, depression, etc. in order to help them get over these conditions and live peacefully.

Her specialities include counselling psychology, educational psychology, health psychology, and psycho-oncology. She has also received training in cancer counselling and family treatment.

Ms Chhaya Jain is fluent in Gujarathi, Marathi, Hindi, and English. She can be reached at her Sion, Mumbai, clinic. Ms Chhaya Jain is the Best Psychologist/Therapist near me and she has vast knowledge and experience, you should visit them. 

9. Dr. Dattaram Satpute

He is the Best Psychologist/Therapist near me with 19 years of experience in the fields of psychology, counselling, and psychotherapy and practices in Warje, Pune. He holds a doctorate in psychotherapy and a master’s degree in counselling, and he is a member of the American Counselling Association.

He received numerous honours and accolades, the most notable of which are the 2009 Eminent Psychotherapist of India Award, the 2010 Mother Teresa Excellence Award, and the 2009 Noble Son of India Award. All these kinds of awards are generally given to the Best Psychologist/Therapist near me.

Psychometric testing, stress management, parent counselling, career counselling, and couple’s psychotherapy are among the services offered by Dr Dattaram Satpute.


  1. Which degree is mandatory for the Best Psychologist/Therapist near me?

Ans.  A Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree.

  1. How do I locate the top psychologist in my area?

Ans.  Steps:

  • Ask for recommendations from your known ones. 
  • Check out the experience and qualifications of the doctors. 
  • Read reviews and ratings of the previous patients. 
  • Visit the psychologist.
  1. What are the signs to consult with the Best Psychologist/Therapist near me?

Ans. Signs:

  • 1. If You’re Going Through a Transitional Phase
  • 2. If You Lack Self-Respect
  • 3. You’d Rather Hurt Yourself
  • 4. If Your Relationships Have Problems
  • 5. If You Are Experimenting With Emotional Unbalance

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