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List of 8 best Psychiatrist near me

Best Psychiatrist near me?

Any kind of disturbance in the outside world that might affect a person’s life can lead to the development of a mental health condition. While some mental illnesses are psychological in nature, others may also run in families. People respond to situations in a variety of ways, and these responses can be influenced by a person’s social, economic, and cultural status.

According to statistics from 2016, 43.7 million adults in the USA were diagnosed with a mental illness. These figures have been noticeably rising ever since. This number has gone up in the US ever since the recession.

The world is increasingly concerned about mental health. Particularly for developing nations like Africa, where the people still struggle to overcome the effects of racism, poverty, and slavery. Here is the list of few Best Psychiatrist near me so that you can deal this the mental health issues. 

List of 8 Best Psychiatrist near me:

1. Dr Gorav Gupta 

Hospital: Delhi’s Tulasi Psychiatric & Rehab Center

Identification: Senior Addiction Psychiatrist

22 years of experience

Education: MD/MBBS

Membership: The NITI AAYOG (Social Welfare) of the Delhi government.

Senior psychiatrist Dr. Gorav Gupta works at the Tulasi Psychiatric & Rehabilitation Center in Delhi and is one of the Best Psychiatrist near me. The center’s director is Dr Gorav, and the State Mental Health Authority of Delhi has given the establishment a license.

Dr Gupta provides treatment programs for mental health conditions like personality disorders, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, and depression. He has treated many patients from India and other countries, including Nepal, the UK, Canada, Afghanistan, and Bhutan.

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Best Psychiatrist near me

2. Dr Samir Parikh

The Fortis Hospital is located in Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi.

Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health Department Head

Years of Experience: 18

Degrees: MBBS, MD, and DPM

Dr. Samir Parikh is in charge of the department of behavioral and mental health at the Fortis Hospital in Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi. Dr Samir Khan is one of the Best Psychiatrist near me. The Indian psychiatrist treats patients by fusing his extensive understanding of mental health with his outgoing, affable manner. Dr. Parikh has written three books that offer patients coping mechanisms for adjusting to a constantly changing environment. The third book, “Let Him Not Sink: First Steps to Mental Health,” provides psychological first aid for readers who work with children, whereas the first two books concentrate on assisting school-age children in developing their skills.

3. Dr Sameer Malhotra

Max Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi is a medical facility.

Head of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health

Years of experience: 23+

Education: MD/MBBS

Dr Sameer Malhotra is in charge of the mental health department at the Max Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi. He provides services like OCD therapy, drug addiction treatment, marriage counselling, stress reduction, cognitive behavioural therapy, and adolescent medicine. Dr. Malhotra provides complete services and treatment options for all age groups and social groups with regard to all facets of mental health in people. Dr Sameer Malhotra is one of the Best Psychiatrist near me, you should connect with him for the best treatment. 

4. Dr Ajit Dandekar

Healthcare facility: Mumbai’s Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital

The title “Honorary Psychiatrist”

Years of Experience: 31

Degrees: MBBS, MD, and DPM

Dr Dandekar provides a wide range of mental healthcare services, such as depression counselling, psychotherapy, psychosocial rehabilitation, stress management counselling, and stress management. Dr. Ajit is a recognized member of the Indian Psychiatric Society and the Andheri Medical Association. Dr Ajit Dandekar is one of the Best Psychiatrist near me and have more than 31 year of experience. 

5. Dr Murali Raj 

Infirmary: Bangalore’s Manipal Hospital

Occupational title: consultant in psychiatry

Years of experience: 35

MBBS, DNB, and DPM degrees

Dr. Murali Raj, a consulting psychiatrist at Bangalore’s Manipal Hospital, is one of India’s foremost authorities on mental health. Dr. Raj specializes in treating personality and eating disorders. He also provides counseling for managing stress and addiction and one of the Best Psychiatrist near me. He actively backs groups that raise awareness of mental health issues and informs Indians about their importance.

6. Dr Vishal Chhabra 

Delhi’s Fortis Hospital is a hospital.

Department of Psychiatry Senior Consultant

Years of experience: 17

Degrees: MBBS, DNB, and DPM

At Fortis Hospital and Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital in New Delhi, Dr Vishal Chhabra serves as a senior consultant for the psychiatric division.

Among the Best Psychiatrist near me, he offers the following services: treatment for adolescent problems, treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder, treatment for nicotine/tobacco addiction and a lot many more. Patients give Dr Vishal the best reviews because of his compassionate demeanour toward them.

7. Dr Vasantha Jayaraman 

Healthcare facility: Chennai’s Gleneagles Global Hospital

Years of Experience: 26

MBBS, DNB, and DPM degrees

The senior consultant for the Mental Health Division at Chennai’s Gleneagles Global Hospitals is Dr Vasantha Jayaraman. Patients who have undergone chemotherapy for cancerous medical conditions receive rehabilitation therapy from her. She also has a great deal of expertise in managing a persistent mental illness. She is one of the few psychiatrists in Chennai who offers both adult and pediatric therapy. Both the Indian Medical Academy and the Indian Psychiatric Society are members of it.

8. Dr Mrinmay Kumar Das 

Jaypee Hospital in Delhi, National Capital Region

Occupational title: Senior Consultant, Department of Behavioral Sciences

Knowledge: 24 Years

Education: MD, CCST, and MBBS (UK)

The senior consultant for the behavioral science division at Jaypee Hospital in Delhi, NCR is Dr Mrinmay Kumar Das. Dr Kumar’s research interests include CBT, relationship counselling, psychological issues, psychosexual disorders, personality disorders, and the treatment of mood disorders.

He is actively involved in the search for novel management and therapeutic strategies for behavioural mental disorders.


  1. What does the Best Psychiatrist near me do?

Ans.  Doctors of medicine (M.D. or M.O.) who specialize in treating mental health disorders like depression, personality disorders and addiction are known as psychiatrists.

  1. What are the steps to select the best Psychiatrist near me?

Ans. Following these steps will help you choose the best psychiatry: 

  1. Request a referral list.
  2. Find Professionals By Using Your Insurance.
  3. Think about communication styles.
  4. Check out the patient reviews.
  5. Investigate the Specialties of Psychiatrists.
  6. Ask about your options for telemedicine.
  7. Consider the gender.
  8. Think about experience.
  1. What kind of degree has the Best Psychiatrist near me?

Ans. MD or a diploma in Psychiatric medicine (DPM)

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