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List of 8 Best Ophthalmologist near me

Why should you visit the Best Ophthalmologist near me?

It is crucial to understand the value of clear vision and how to avoid developing any serious eye conditions. Healthy vision starts with an understanding of the symptoms that indicate an emergency, as well as the specialist who performs surgeries and administers treatments for eye conditions. The diseases that affect the health of the eye can be diagnosed and treated by ophthalmologists, medical professionals who specialize in treating eye conditions. Aside from performing routine eye exams, an ophthalmologist can also recommend eyeglasses and contact lenses, perform surgery based on the diagnosis, and offer proper guidance and consultation regarding eye health. 

List of 8 Best Ophthalmologist near me:

Dr. Pratik Ranjan Sen – Chennai, India

22 years of consulting experience 

Ophthalmologist Dr. Pratik Ranjan Sen has more than 22 years of experience and is one of the Best Ophthalmologist near me. More than 8000 cases of Retinal detachment and other Vitreoretinal disorders have been treated by him. The Indian Medical Association is one of his memberships. Dr Sen received his MBBS, MS, and Post Graduate Diploma from Gujarat University.

Dr. P Vijay Anand Reddy – Hyderabad, India

28 years of experience as a consultant 

With over 28 years of clinical experience and a focus on ocular oncology, Dr P Vijay Anand Reddy is an accomplished and Best Ophthalmologist near me. Dr Reddy earned his MBBS from Osmania University in 1983 before earning his MD from Osmania Medical College in Hyderabad in 1992. In 1993, he completed his DNB. He completed the ESMO Medical Oncology Board 2005 in 2010 and was recertified.

Dr. Vandana Khullar – New Delhi, India

24 years as a senior consultant 

Ophthalmologist Dr Vandana Khullar has over 24 years of experience and Best Ophthalmologist near me. Member of the Delhi Ophthalmological Society and the All India Society of Ophthalmology. effectively treats a variety of eye conditions. Her areas of specialization include ophthalmologic examinations, Lasik, and Sintemica. convinced her to receive her MBBS and MD degrees from Aligarh Muslim University.

Dr. Dharitri Samantaray – New Delhi, India

24 years of experience as a consultant 

At present, Bharti Eye Hospital in New Delhi houses an ophthalmologist and an eye surgeon. focuses on medical retinas, refractive surgery, and cataracts.

Attended DDU Hospital in New Delhi and Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai as an ophthalmologist in the past. Member of illustrious associations including Delhi Medical Association, Orissa Council of Medical Registration, and All India Ophthalmological Society. Dr Dharitri Samantarav is at the top of the list of the Best Ophthalmologist near me. 

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Dr. Jalpa Vashi – Bangalore, India

26 years of consulting experience 

Dr. Jalpa Vashi is an ophthalmologist with more than 26 years of experience and Best Ophthalmologist near me. As a life member of medical associations, she is a member of the All India Ophthalmic Society, Karnataka Ophthalmic Society, Banglore Ophthalmic Society, and the Glaucoma Society of India. Dr. Vashi received her medical degree (MBBS) from Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College in Ahmedabad in 1994.

She then went on to earn her DO and MS from CH Nagri Eye Hospital in Ahmedabad in 1998 and 1999, respectively. Later on, the woman went on to pursue a fellowship in anterior segment and phacoemulsification. This was followed by an on-site glaucoma education program. She specializes in both conventional and laser cataract surgery. She also manages glaucoma cases, diabetes-related eye problems, hypertension, thyroid, prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses, evaluations of patients who have lost their vision, and other complaints for which a diagnosis has not yet been made.

Best Ophthalmologist near me

Dr. Hema Rawal – Gurgaon, India

21 years of experience as a consultant 

Dr. Hema Rawal is a highly qualified ophthalmologist with advanced training and over 21 years of experience. She received her medical degree from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in 1994, and in 1999, she completed her MS at Army Hospital Research & Referral in New Delhi. She completed both her DNB and the International Council of Ophthalmology’s basic sciences assessment in ophthalmology in 2000 and counted as the Best Ophthalmologist near me. She subsequently completed a fellowship at the Glasgow-based Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons.

She received additional training at the Imperial College NHS Trust in London and the L V Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad. She also received additional training at the R P Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, AIIMS, New Delhi, and the ICARE Eye Hospital & Post Graduate Institute, Noida. Dr. Rawal is an expert in diagnosing, treating, and operating the retina. She is renowned for performing vitreoretinal surgeries, treating retina and uvea conditions, and treating all types of retinal disorders.

Dr. Deependra V Singh – New Delhi, India

16 years of experience as chief 

Dr Deependra V Singh, also known as Dr Deependra Vikram Singh and the Best Ophthalmologist near me, is an ophthalmologist with more than 16 years of experience who has performed more than 5000 vitreous surgeries. He was honoured with the 2005 Best Resident Award, the DOS Teachers’ Award, and the Special Social Service Award. 

He belongs to the All India Ophthalmological Society, the Delhi Ophthalmological Society, the Vitreo Retina Society of India, and the Delhi Medical Council. In addition to his more than 50 publications, Dr Singh has 25 articles that are indexed in prestigious international journals like Acta Ophthalmologica Scandinavica, Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, Ophthalmology (AAO), American Journal of Ophthalmology, and others.

Dr. Subodh Kumar Sinha – Gurgaon, India

25 years of experience as a consultant 

In the field of performing surgeries, Dr Subodh Kumar Sinha has more than 25 years of experience and Best Ophthalmologist near me. Memberships in the All India Ophthalmological Society, the Glaucoma Society Of India (GSI), the Delhi Ophthalmological Society (DOS), and the Delhi Diabetic Forum are among his professional affiliations. Dr Sinha graduated from Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital in Bihar with his MBBS in 1992. For LASIK, refractive/cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, and other procedures, Dr Sinha is well-known. He has performed more than 40,000 different types of eye surgeries throughout his career.


  1. Steps to select the right Best Ophthalmologist near me.

Ans. Steps:

  1. Specialisation. 
  2. Get Referrals.
  3. Examine the credentials of the eye specialist. 
  4. Think about the experience of the eye specialist.
  5. study on the calibre of eye care facilities.

2. Symptoms to visit the Best Ophthalmologist near me

Ans. Symptoms:

  • You Are Very Likely to Develop Eye Diseases. 
  • Your vision is deteriorating.
  • Allergies affect you.
  • You also have other eye issues.

3. Which degree you should consider while going for the Best Ophthalmologist near me?Ans. MD (for medicine specialities), MS (for surgery specialities), or DNB (both for medicine and surgical specialities)

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