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Best Monsoon Treks In India


A trek might span for some days or a couple of weeks, but the chance to experience such thrill and absoluteness of nature comes one after another. The trekking season in India goes on all year long in apportioned months keeping up with periodically varying weather of the trekking sites. Winter, spring, summer and autumn, all seasons have their own fragrance and adventures locked to their unique landscapes, charming mountain ranges, wild ghats, crystal lakes and colourful valleys.

Monsoon comes prevailing and unearths the new life out of these beautiful places. After scorching summers, soft drops of rain come as a great relief to tired souls and motivation to go beyond.

Trekking during monsoons amidst nonpareil nature is bliss. Away from the mundane and closer to your bucket list, that’s how trekking in monsoon feels like.

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Here are some of the best treks to do in the monsoon, find yours:

Tarsar Marsar Trek

Rested at Aru Valley in Jammu and Kashmir, Tarsar Marsar is even beyond the imagination of a divine trek. This trek spans for 6 days and offers trekkers to camp beside royal blue alpine lakes with some snow as a beautiful topping on it. Away from mundane, as said before, the peace that surrounds is unworldly.

A moderate trek on the scale of difficulty, Tarsar Marsar finds you on the way to the core of Kashmir with so much to bless you with. From transparent water freely flowing to huge lakes decorated amidst the mountains, horses and grazing sheep, alpine lakes, the quaint village of Aru, and the clearings of Lidderwat, everything is unmatched.

Months of July and August receive mild rainfall unlike in Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand and that’s mainly because of the Pir Panjal range preventing most monsoon clouds from reaching the Kashmir valley. Hold on! That’s actually in favour of trekkers as it makes the whole experience more comfortable, cool with swirling winds but not chilly and hassle-free. Plan your trek, now!

Valley of Flowers Trek

Will find you on the way to surreal and dreamlike monsoon bliss, Valley of Flowers, known for its captivating meadows of endemic alpine flowers with over 500 species, is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It lay in the western Himalayas of Uttarakhand at a high altitude of 14,400ft.

“Phoolon ki Ghati” is one of the oldest treks of India which spans 6 days and is well suited for all with an easy to moderate trekking experience. The valley of flowers trek tops the list of monsoon chasers as it makes the Valley Of Flowers swing and dance with colourful flower beds with colourful butterflies, birds and fauna. Aah! Heaven on the Earth.

Book the Valley of Flowers trek at an affordable price now and have a great trekking experience!


Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Not less than a utopia, Kashmir Great Lakes comes with the prime beauty of the Dal Lake, Vishansar Lake or Gangabal Twin lakes and captivating meadows. The trek stretches for almost 7 days and 6 nights and kicks off the climb at Sonmarg and ends at Naranag.

Kashmir Great Lakes is perched at an altitude of 13,800ft with 72km of trekking distance and found to be at its best during monsoon. A trek with a mixture of adventure and places to let oneself immerse in the beauty of landscapes with rich green plains, wildflowers and wilderness. Here you go, mark August on your calendar and enjoy the best time with the best trek experience.

Andharban Trek

When it comes to treks in the monsoon months, you can’t miss out on the Western Ghats. Popularly marked as an Ideal Monsoon Trek, Andharban is an evergreen Sahyadri forest embraced by mist and fairytale-like forest landscape located in the Tamhini Ghats. Always hyped among hikers for all its reasons, the Sahyadri region during this period gives you the adrenaline rush and that’s exactly what you signed up for.

Andharban Trek takes on the way to the famous Devkund Waterfall, Plus Valley and the Tamhini Ghat. The Andharban word comes from Andhar = ‘Dark’ and Ban= ‘Forest’, which is directly translated as ‘The dark forest’. Now, it’s a little exaggerated right there, but sounds thrilling, right?

Beas Kund Trek

Found in Himachal Pradesh, Beas Kund is a thousand-year-old alpine emerald lake on the lap of tall-mighty mountains. At a high altitude of 3,800 meters, Beas Kund vows you enthralling landscapes and humming water streams. Majestic mountains of Manali namely- Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, Ladakhi and Hanuman Tibba presents their charms and panoramic view all along for the four days of trekking.

Note down Beas Kund as your next trek as such views are usually awarded to the adept trekkers only after days of meticulous trekking while Beas Kund trekking offers an easy to moderate level of difficulty. The trek in monsoons gives splendid views of oak and deodar with mountain ranges.

Hampta Pass Trek

Located in Himachal Pradesh, Hampta Pass is not just a trek, it’s a wholesome experience through rich grasslands, alpine Meadows of conifer forest, vertical rock walls, crystal-like streams, waterfalls, snow-bathed glaciers and almost everything you can think of.

With a mighty altitude of 14039ft, it’s a coin with two different faces. The parched, unfruitful landscape and mountains of Lahaul on one side then the budding flowers and green valley of Kullu on the other. Hampta Pass during monsoon is appreciated for its great beauty. A moderate level of trekking difficulty enables beginners to enjoy the scenery, mighty mountains and the monsoon winds accompanied by a dramatic climb.

Look forward to the monsoon for a flawless trekking experience!

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