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Best Christmas Activities for Kids

Best Christmas Activities for Kids

Christmas is a time of great fun surrounded by family and friends. Kids especially look forward to the holiday season. They look forward to receiving presents from Santa, decorating the Christmas tree, caroling and eating the Christmas goodies. But as joyful and merry as it is, it’s also a very stressful period for parents. With kids on a break from school, parents will have to keep them busy and occupied while they get on with their work.

Kids are bursting with energy and excitement around the holidays. Keeping them indoors with all that excess energy is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. Additionally, in all that excitement and merry-making, kids forget all about learning. The best way to remedy this is to occupy kids with fun Christmas printables that are both fun and educational. These printables include fun holiday-themed worksheets, crafts, coloring pages, mazes, finding the difference between the two scenes, puzzles etc.

Here are some of the best Christmas activities to keep your kids entertained over the holidays. Additionally, these activities also help the kids stay on track of their learning.

10 Best Christmas-themed Fun Educational Activities for Kids

  1. Christmas-themed Jigsaw puzzle: Jigsaw puzzles are an age-old toy that is both fun and educational. This Christmas, keep your little ones busy for hours with a Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzle. And not only will your little ones be entertained and busy for a long while, but they’ll also boost their thinking skills. Jigsaw puzzles are great to develop a child’s logical thinking, shape recognition skills and fine motor skills.
  2. Christmas riddles and trivia: Christmas is all about spending time with family. So, get the family together for a family game night with Christmas-themed riddles and trivia questions. These fun games check your little one’s and your family’s knowledge of Christmas. Additionally, it is also great for bonding with your family and strengthening relationships.
  3. Marshmallow snowman: Snowmen and Christmas go hand in hand. If you don’t have snow to build a snowman, don’t fret. All you need are some marshmallows, pretzels, twizzlers, peanut butter cups and M&Ms. Give your kids these ingredients and ask them to get creative and build cute little snowmen. Then put your little ones’ creations into hot cocoa and enjoy them.
  4. Christmas coloring pages: Coloring and drawing are one among a child’s favorite activities. So, give them Christmas-themed coloring pages. You can also give them alphabet coloring pages and number coloring pages to help them learn the letters and numbers. These fun worksheets help kids with color recognition along with learning the letters of the alphabet.
  5. Christmas scavenger hunt: A scavenger hunt is the best way to bust your little ones’ excess energy. Print some holiday-themed clues and treasures and hide them around the house. Now, ask the kids to find the treasure by deciphering the clues. This fun game will boost their critical thinking skills and logical reasoning ability.
  6. Christmas word search puzzle: Looking for ways to make your kids learn new words during the holidays? A word search puzzle is a great way to keep kids busy and help them learn new words at the same time. Print some holiday-themed word search puzzle to help your little ones gain a new vocabulary full of Christmas words.
  7. Christmas wreath craft: Crafting is a wonderful way to keep kids busy over the holidays. Get your kids working to make a simple tissue paper Christmas wreath or a paper plate Christmas tree. These activities will ensure your little ones are entertained for a long time and will boost their fine motor skills as well.
  8. Cup stacking: Cup stacking is a great game to keep kids entertained for a while. Give your little ones some cups and ask them to build a tower. This activity will keep them busy and also build their fine motor skills and thinking skills.
  9. Christmas movies: Watching Christmas movies is a tradition in many families. Choose an age-appropriate Christmas movie for kids to watch and put it on. Now, just get the popcorn ready and get into the holiday spirit with your little ones.
  10.  Decorating a gingerbread house: A gingerbread house is a must to celebrate Christmas. So, if you’re looking for an activity to keep your little ones entertained and busy for a while, this is the perfect activity for them. Assemble a gingerbread house and give kids candies, candy canes, gold and silver colored chocolate buttons etc. Now ask them to decorate the gingerbread house.

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