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List of Top 5 Pediatrician near me

Pediatrician near me are doctors who have specialized training in caring for children. They make sure that your child’s health is optimal and that they receive the best medical care possible. Pediatrician have the knowledge, experience, and skills needed to take care of children from birth through adolescence. You should also check out it to read more about health. 

What is pediatrics?

Pediatricians are physicians who specialize in the treatment of children. They are often called pediatricians or pediatric specialists, depending on the region and medical school.

Pediatrics is a specialty in its own right, but also a primary field of study in the education of most medical practitioners. The term “pediatrician” refers to all physicians who treat infants and young children. Some other terms that may be used include “paediatrician” (a UK term), “child’s doctor”, or simply “doctor”.

Why choose a pediatrician near me?

When you choose to see a pediatrician near me, you’re choosing to get the professional help that your child needs. Pediatricians are trained medical professionals who specialize in treating children’s health issues and growth and development. They have experience with children’s unique needs, including diet plans and exercise regimens appropriate for their age groups.

Your pediatrician will also be able to help you understand what symptoms might indicate an illness or condition that requires immediate attention from a doctor—and how these symptoms might affect your child’s growth or development over time.

When should you see a pediatrician near me?

When you should see a pediatrician:

  • When your child is sick. If your child has a fever, diarrhoea or vomiting, consult with your pediatrician near me to determine the cause of these symptoms and rule out infection or other medical issues.
  • When your child isn’t growing properly or gaining weight at an expected rate. Your doctor may recommend dietary changes and supplementation if necessary.
  • When there’s something wrong with the way their body works that cause them pain (like when they injure themselves). For example, head injuries can cause seizures in babies; broken bones should be treated immediately by a doctor who specializes in treating injuries like this because it can result in complications later on down the road such as osteoporosis (bone loss).

What to expect from your pediatrician near me?

Your pediatrician near me will ask you questions about your child’s development and behaviour. They’ll also examine your child, including any concerns about the health of their eyes or ears. The doctor may want to talk with you about treatment options for any problems that arise during their examination. This can include prescription medications or other forms of treatment such as physical therapy or occupational therapy.

If the doctor believes there is something wrong with your child’s condition—for example, if they have asthma—they will recommend further testing and diagnosis so they can see if it’s something serious that requires medical attention immediately (like an emergency room visit).

Top 5 Pediatrics near me

1. Dr. Mangla Pawar

She has training in both pediatrics and neonatology. She has a fantastic group of superspecialists working with her to treat children with difficult illnesses. She is a specialist in recommending all routine and travel vaccinations, preventive health exams, and the treatment of infections in sick children. Location: Sectors 49 and 50 in Gurgaon

Fees- INR 600

2. Dr. Sonali Gaur

In this field, she has been active for over 13 years. She is skilled at treating autism in children as well as asthma, bronchial allergies, immune-related diseases, and other conditions. The Dr. Sonali Child Care Clinic is located at Palam Vihar in Gurgaon.

Fees- INR 400

3. Dr. Ajay Mehta

His experience spans more than 15 years. He has years of experience treating children’s stomach issues and is always available for assistance. Bloom Women and Children’s Clinic, Sector 49, Gurgaon

Fees- INR 500

4. Dr. Neetu Singal

She is a well-known pediatrician and has a Masters from the UK. Additionally, she has extensive knowledge of Neonatal problems. She treats almost all pediatric illnesses. She is accessible Monday through Saturday. The Vedanta Clinic is located at Sector-51 in Gurgaon.

Fees- INR 500

5. Dr. Rakesh Jain

He has 15 years of experience as a pediatric neurology expert. provides care for measles, headache management, spinal cord issues, nerve and muscular diseases, stroke and epilepsy in children, as well as treatment for these conditions. Location: Sector-15, Gurgaon

Fees – INR 600

Top 3 Pedistrics Websites you must check out:

1. Bean Tree Pediatric Dentistry

bean tree pediatric dentistry best pediatric website delmain

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What distinguishes it?

  • distinct calls to action
  • demonstrates what makes them unique
  • Describes what to expect when your child has an appointment.

In addition to having a cute name and brand, this Jacksonville, Florida pediatric dentist gives parents a compelling argument for choosing them. Additionally, they provide teledentistry services (which they emphasize right away), a CTA at the top of the homepage, and information about what kids can anticipate at their first appointment.

2. Children’s Dental Center

childrens dental center best pediatric website delmain

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What makes it special?

  • presents services
  • Online reservation 
  • first-person photography

The pediatric dentists’ services, including their expertise in space maintainers and after-hours dental emergencies, are beautifully highlighted on this jungle-themed website. To showcase their work, this website also makes use of original photography and vibrant, captivating images. They also provide online booking!

3. Falmouth Pediatric Dentistry

website of pediatrician near me

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What makes it unique?

  • develops trust
  • the 15-second test is successful 
  • Lovely brand

The development of parent trust is the most crucial goal of a children’s dental website. Falmouth Pediatric Dentistry accomplishes this by featuring a testimonial, outlining the practice’s history in the neighbourhood, and outlining what parents can anticipate at their first appointment. Additionally, they pass the 15-second test and have specific pages for various services. We especially adore their logo’s whimsical font and walrus mascot.


  • Your pediatrician near me is the person who will be working with you and your child.
  • They can help you make sure your children are healthy, and they can also provide advice to other professionals on how best to care for them, like teachers or other doctors in the community.


If you’re looking for parents, we welcome you to our pediatric clinic. Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for all ages, from newborns to teenagers. If you have any questions about child health or would like more information we will be happy to help!

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