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Bamboo Fabrics: Wash and Care

If you look at the fabric composition and care labels of certain silky-smooth items or some brands of soft-to-the-touch bath towels or bed sheets, you might be startled to learn that the fabric is produced from bamboo. But how should bamboo clothing and linens be washed to ensure they remain supple and soft?

Bamboo, like linen and cotton, is a natural plant fabric. Many bamboo strands, however, have been artificially processed and may be classified as rayon. For the greatest care, always look at the labels on each individual item for the label directions.

If the clothing has a structured shape, such as a fitted jacket, dry cleaning may be required since the interfacings that gives it crispness will change their shape after washing. To avoid stretching, bamboo-fibre sweaters and knitted items should be hand-washed.

Pretreat Any Stains 

Enzyme-based cleaning products or a tiny amount of a heavy-duty detergents like Persil or Tide are appropriate to be used on marks on bamboo fabrics. Work a little bit into the affected area and let it sit for at least 15 minutes before washing. To eliminate specific stains, follow the instructions for that type of stain.

However, note that chlorine bleach should be avoided. Chlorine bleach can damage bamboo materials. Use an oxygen-based bleach soak to remove stubborn dirt or to lighten or enhance the fabric. If you need to sanitize bamboo sheets and towels, use a pine oil or phenol disinfectant.

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Choose a Detergent

Bamboo can be laundered with ordinary laundry detergent. If it is bamboo underwear mens, use a heavy-duty detergent with enzymes to break up the dirt.

Select the Washing Cycle and Water Temperature

Bamboo clothing should be washed on the mild cycle to keep its suppleness, while bamboo linens can be washed on the regular cycle.

For mildly stained bamboo garments, use cold water. Select a warm temperature of the water in your washer for extremely dirty goods like bamboo bed towels and sheets and allow the garments to pre-soak for at least 15 minutes in the warm water and soapy solution before wash to remove additional filth. Hot water should never be used for frequent washing since it causes bamboo cloth to shrink.

Load the washing machine

Before filling the washer, always clip all buttons and zippers and flip the item inside out to avoid pilling.

Choose the Best Drying Method

To achieve the greatest results, garments and linens produced from woven bamboo materials should be air-dried flat on an indoors folding rack or hung from an outdoors clothesline. To avoid stretching, knit bamboo sweaters and items should be dried flat. If you need to dry anything quickly, use the dryer’s low heat mode. Take the fabric while it is still damp. Bamboo sheets and garments can shrink when dried at high heat.

Utilize a Cool Iron

Maintain low iron temps as well. If you must iron, use a dry iron (no steam) on a low level. When pressing, extreme temperatures can burn bamboo fibres. As the fibres begin to burn, they sear or yellow. While some discolouration can be erased, charred fibres cannot be brought back to life.

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