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A Guide to Women’s Footwear

work shoes for women

Us ladies can admit to having a million types of shoes over the period of our lives. It is almost as if we have a shoe for every occasion and if you just happen to love shoes a little more than the rest then you know how you can never miss a good shoe bargain. It is usually to do with the colours and styles that make them so attractive. Specially need to talk about work shoes for women because every woman can wear this shoes most of the time her duty.

The ability to pair it up with different outfits and simply how it adds style and glamour to an outfit makes shoes a women’s second-best friend since diamonds are apparently our first. However, most of us wear shoes that even us are not quite sure we know the names for. Therefore, here is a guide to the different types of shoes that we women own depending on our daily lifestyles.

The work shoes

This might not be the same for all women but these three types of shoes are usually worn to work. They are each quite different but are all elegant and versatile options for a day in the office. Depending on the job of course women have various different types of shoes they think works for them.

While one of us may be seen in nothing else but a pair of stilettos there are also the others who would prefer a pair of comfortable flats. Either way shoes are not made in so many varieties that there is always something for everyone. However, the key is to finding work shoes for women that portray our style, are easy to work in and get the job done.

work shoes for women
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Everyday casuals

Grocery runs, casual walks and any sort of relaxed activity means that we all turn to a few trusted options. Flip Flops, our comfy trainers or simply a pair of sandals. This is the low maintenance and low effort parts of our day so footwear needs to be as comfortable and easy to wear. We all have our go to options.

Days and nights out

Ironically many can say that the shoes we wear for a day out are usually not the ones we wear for a night out. Day vacations and day outs usually consists of a relaxed pair of sandals or wedges and when night comes here, we find the ankle boots and platforms heels. Shoes have a way of adding spice and class to an outfit, they can make or break our outfit and even sometimes your ankles when you wear those six inches but like most women would argue by saying no pain, no gain.

The world of shoes is far and wide and only a shoe expert can name every type of style there is to know. However, at the end of the day you do not need to know them all to dress and feel your best. Shoes are one of the easiest and best accessories that add the edge to your outfit. Each woman has her own style and that is the only thing you need.

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