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6 Eye Hurting Habits to Give up Now

Eye health is crucial for a person’s overall wellbeing and no one can deny this fact. Eyes act as our windows to the outside world and none among us can simply imagine life without appropriate vision.

Our vision doesn’t remain the same forever and tends to get affected as we age. The effect on vision can be minimized by taking proper care of our eyes. Good nutrition, eye exercises, and regular eyes monitoring are some of the ways to take care of our eyes appropriately. A part of eye care is avoiding the eye-damaging things or the habits that can negatively affect our vision told a renowned ophthalmologist from Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Rawalpindi during a webinar on eye health.

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Common eye-damaging habits

Some of the daily habits that can take a toll on your visionary health are;

1- Spending too much time in front of screens

With the advent and accessibility of technology, our screen exposures have significantly increased. Whether out of necessity or out of addiction we tend to spend most of our day in front of the screen. This uninterrupted screen exposure is quite damaging for the eyes. Excessive screen use is the dominant cause of eye dryness and eye strain and is a quite common eye health problem. 

2- Overuse of contacts

Numerous eye fashion trends cine and wearing contacts is one of those trends that are here for longer times are going to stay here. Not just as a fashion statement, contacts are also worn for vision correction. However, using the lens for either purpose requires proper protection and care. Mostly, people ignore the basic SOP of using contacts and tend to damage their vision consequently. Some of the common lens wearing mistake that damage our eyes include;

  • Not changing your contacts
  • Wearing them with make
  • Wearing contacts for prolonged times
  • Not putting lenses back into the solution
  • Not changing the lens solution timely
  • Exchanging contacts with each other
  • Sleeping while wearing the contacts
  • Wearing lenses while working in front of heat or while taking shower.

3- Rubbing the eyes

With outdoor exposures, dust particles and allergens might act upon our eyes and can add to the discomfort. We may find it tempting to rub our eyes to relieve the discomfort. However, rubbing your eyes can increase your risk of corneal infection. This is another common eye-damaging habit that can also increase the risk of eye infection.

4- Using expired makeup product

Makeup is considered an essential of our everyday lives and people use a variety of makeup products. Eye makeup products are also quite common and diverse. However, the use of makeup also require proper care as using expired makeup products can be damaging for your eyes.

Eye makeup caused damage is one of the leading cause of eye health problems, said a renowned ophthalmologist from al shifa hospital of rawalpindi. Expired makeup exposes your eyes to the harmful chemicals that can cause long-term damage to your eye so, make sure that you replace our eye makeup products timely and choose good quality products.

5- Not wearing sunglasses

Sunglasses are meant to protect your eyes against harmful sun rays and are an essential part of the eye care routine especially when you are moving outdoors. However, people skip wearing sunglasses that can be a cause of eye damage. In the absence of sunglasses, sunlight rays can enter your eyes leading to eye-damaging conditions.

6- Skipping your eye exam

An important part of eye care is regular eye health exams. These exams enable your physician to figure out the potential eye health trouble before they become severe. Normally it is recommended to go for an eye exam twice a year and skipping your eye exam can lead to severe troubles in future. So, no matter if your vision is just perfect, skipping your eye exam is never a good idea.

Bottom Line!

Eye health is crucial to a person’s overall wellbeing and anyone needs to take good care of his eyes. There are many important aspects of good eye health. From good nutrition to eye exercises and going for eye-healthy habits are the key to preventing eye health problems. No matter how much you try, there are certain health problems that you can’t avoid, it is important to visit your ophthalmologist for a routine eye health exam and to figure out any potential eye health problem.

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