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10 steps to becoming a hacker

It is quite difficult to become a hacker as it needs a lot of hard work and dedication. If you want to be a hacker, then you should ask yourself, why you want to be a hacker. There can be three reasons why you are attracted to hacking. The first one is that you just got interested, the second one is to test a system, and the third one is to work as a hacker. Because your answer will decide the path to becoming a hacker. 

These are the ten steps that you should follow to become a hacker:

  • Get hands-on LINUX\UNIX

LINUX\UNIX is an open-source operating system, and it provides better security for the computer system. If you want to be a hacker then there is no chance to skip LINUX as it is one of the most used OS for hacking. 

  • Learn the Mother of all Programming Languages. 

C Programming is the mother of all programming languages, and you have to learn it first. To be a good hacker, you should master the language C and blend it with LINUX. 

  • Learn how to be anonymous. 

A hacker should know how to do things anonymously on the internet. Because a hacker has to perform a lot of functions, some of which will be legal and some will need permission. First, learn how to be anonymous on the internet before proceeding to the hacking. 

  • Learn networking concepts. 

On the journey to becoming a hacker, you should learn networking concepts. They are very important to solve all the vulnerabilities later. So it will work as a building block for the future. 

  • Explore the hidden web. 

The dark web is the part of the internet that is not visible to search engines. You need an anonymous browser called Tor and the dark web is counted as criminal activity. So a hacker should explore the dark web very deeply. 

  • Add the art of secret writing to your skill set. 

Cryptography is the art of secret writing and a hacker should master it. You should learn encryption and decryption as they are widely used concepts in hacking. 

To avoid this much hustle, you can simply join the hacking coaching classes provided on the internet. All you have to do is to enroll in the course and they will teach you very deeply, step by step, along with the practicals.  

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