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Tips from a Neurosurgeon to Help Patients Find Specialized Care

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Dr Vikas, the best neurosurgeon in Delhi, frequently hears stories like this one. A patient experiences a seizure and arrives at their neighbourhood emergency room. The neurosurgeon is contacted after a brain tumour is discovered by MRI.

Dr Vikas claims that the majority of brain tumours don’t need immediate surgery. Patients must be aware that they still have time to consider their brain tumour diagnosis and find the best medical professional to handle their care.   

Since 2015, Dr Vikas has treated patients with brain and spinal tumours in the Surgical Neurology Branch of the National Institutes of Health. From the G.B. Pant Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research and Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, came the MS in General Surgery and the M.Ch. in Neurosurgery. Furthermore, a skilled neurosurgeon frequently has qualified associates they can refer patients to for additional care.


Selecting The Best Neurosurgeon in Delhi

To better understand their diagnosis and available treatment options, patients must feel at ease discussing these matters with their healthcare team. Additionally, patients must be able to request recommendations.

Dr Viks says, “A confident surgeon will not be offended if patients and caregivers have questions and request a second opinion. He advises posing the following inquiries:


  • Do you offer care for spine or brain disorders?
  • Do you handle tumours similar to mine? Or do you have the most experience treating these tumours for rare brain or spine tumours??
  • How many patients with my tumour type do you treat in a year?
  • Do you know any other neurosurgeons I can speak with?
  • Whom should I consult with to get a second opinion?

Surgical Procedures for Rare Tumors

All varieties of tumours of the spine and brain are treated by Dr Vikas. The type of tumour will determine his surgical strategy, particularly for some uncommon tumour types.

According to Dr Vikas(best spine surgeon in delhi), a patient with gliomatosis cerebri might only require a biopsy because it is difficult to remove large amounts of tissue. Other types of rare tumours that can be challenging for inexperienced neurosurgeons to completely remove include ependymomas and medulloblastomas. Patients with chronic illnesses or illnesses that persist despite treatment are seen by Dr Vikas frequently.

The doctor says, “We use surgery to make a diagnosis and successfully change the treatment plan.” Dr Vikas is particularly interested in the safe removal of brain cancers that are found in the cerebral cortex, brainstem, and spinal cord.m.

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Researching Immunotherapies for Brain Tumors

Dr Vikas conducts research on immunotherapy and immune system manipulation to treat brain cancer. His research aims to use the immune system’s strength to combat brain tumours.

According to Dr Vikas, the immune system is the first line of defence against cancer’s abnormal cells. Sadly, many cancers have developed strategies for evading the immune system.

Dr Vikas investigates the covert behaviour of brain tumours. Additionally, brain tumours send signals that hinder the immune system’s ability to combat them. He is researching this procedure and a class of medications known as immune checkpoint inhibitors that keep the immune system engaged in the fight against cancer cells.


Receiving a diagnosis can be very stressful. However, a neurosurgeon can assist you in managing and treating your condition if it is a nervous system disorder like Parkinson’s disease or chronic pain. They are authorities in their field and are knowledgeable about current drugs, treatments, and surgeries that can benefit you. Together, you and your neurosurgeon will decide on the course of treatment that is most effective for you.

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