Would you like to be in a treehouse? Check out these ten Indian resorts

Did you always appreciate the idea, but couldn’t you live in a tree-house yet? Or have you stayed at one place in a treehouse and want to stay in another place? Treehouses are really something interesting. It looks so romantic but still so adventurous. They look magical, and living in them gives you the feeling of a fairy tale. Well, we have mentioned India’s best resorts for treehouse visitors to adventure. We have to say that every resort offers a special experience that will always remain with you!

1. Vythiri Resort, Wayanad

Kerala is an eco-friendly jungle getaway in the rain forest at Vythiri Resort, Wayanad. Visiting this place brings you closer to nature and you’re lost in words with the enchanting view it offers. We must add that in the middle of the night, those who love hip and nightlife will be surprised with the sounds nature offers!

2. The Machan Lonavala

Lonavala has been a popular Mumbai and Pune weekend getaway. But by staying at The Machan in Lonavala, one can add some luxury and adventure to a weekend break. This eco-resort is 30-40 feet high with its trees overlooking the forest. It offers a very surreal perspective as well as calmness. It is quite an experience to have the open-air bath that the resort offers.

3. Green Magic Resort Wayanad

Green Magic Resort is the enchanted land of Wayanad. And the resort has a phenomenal aura, as its name suggests. When you wake up to your nebula, caress your face softly and the melodious birds feel just wonderful as you lie curled up in the comfortable room.

4. Tree House Hideaway Bandhavgarh

The trees at Tree House Hideaway are equipped with modern amenities like they were removed from a fairytale. Whether it’s a romantic break or a solo walk, the tree houses here offer everything you want, comfort, and care! You can spend a quiet day at the treehouse or go on a jeep safari.

5. Tree House Cottage Manali

Imagine that on a beautiful snowy day you should stay in a treehouse, drink hot chocolate, as the snow washes your windows. Well, in the cottages in Manali this dream will come true. They are the perfect dwelling place for a winter holiday, and we say the rooms are cozy with a home-looking atmosphere.

6. Eagle Eye Resorts Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is renowned for coffee, but not all that this country has to offer. You must visit the 2900 ft above sea level of Eagle Eye resorts in Karnataka, Chikmagalur. This resort is picturesque spread over 130 acres of lush green land.

7. Vanya Tree House Thekkady

Vanya, the greenwood experience in Thekkady is really unthinkable. Misty nights, singing birds and the cool breeze brushing through your face make you fall into love, again and again! The earthy decoration sounds closer than ever to nature!

8. The Tree House Resort Jaipur

The Tree House Resort in Jaipur offers a perfect luxury stay in the middle of nature. A variety of treehouses can be selected. The treehouses are remarkably good perched on top of the Kelkar trees!

9. Nature Zone Resort Munnar

Munnar’s Nature Zone Resort offers woodland-clad tree houses. The trees are constructed on living trees and have no comfort or damage to nature. The rays of the sunshine through the leaves, while birds sing a melody.

10. Safari Land Resorts Masinagudi

Safari Land Resort is a jungle getaway that is eco-friendly. The Safari Land is surrounded by deep valleys, cascades, rivers, and streams. The experience is exceptional and the tree houses here are too good to be true!

11. The Spectrum

The Spectrum Homestay is a wonderful place to unwind and relax, located about ten kilometers from Chikmagalur. This cottage is a wonderful place to witness the true nature of the region with a choice of five bedrooms, each of which has spacious double bedrooms. The staff at The Spectrum will advise you where to go to the area every day. It’s an excellent place for your family to go. You will be given indoor games to enjoy your time at the resort. They also have a children’s playground and a playground.

12. Valley of Birds

The Birds Homestay valley is a magnificent place to stay in Chikmagalur at the foothills of Kemmanagundi. The atmosphere here is incredible and makes you feel at home. It is a nice and cozy place with two units each with attached bathrooms. A lovely living room with a fire-place is also available to maintain you warm in the chill nights. You can have a good lunch or have a great barbecue at night with your friends.

13. Gonakal Homestay

Gonadal will surely make you feel royal in the royal Hoysala family. In this building, even the great sultan Tipu remained. Gonadal is a wonderful place to have a holiday while visiting Chikmagalur with a history of around 700 years. This is a great place to experience the rich history of the area around 25 kilometers from the town. There was also an ancient temple near the house where ancient warriors were blessed. Cafe plantations are available and Homestay provides a range of activities

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