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Why Algo Trading is the Present and Future of Trading?

Algorithm trading is a market trend nowadays; The industry is constantly looking for advanced technologies to take advantage of the new era of data. Algo trade controls seventy-five percent of total trade in Indian markets to capture lots of algo trading apps in India. Hemant Sood, CEO of Findoc Group and Angel Investor at Start-ups, explains. Why Algo Trading is the present and the future of trading: –

Moreover, hemant Sood explained this concept : “Trading Algo is something where software is sold to the consumer. & does not to be physically present. Trading Algo does not mean human intervention. After a few steps, there is no tedious task in the manual. If we trade manually. Also, we are likely to lose many opportunities, such as entry and exit points, due to compliance or sometimes. You will not trade due to incorrect knowledge and risk. Algo can help overcome all of these problems.”

In addition, Sood explains: “This means that an individual can contribute more time. The development of winning strategies and less time to implement them. Market. Moreover, this implementation is primarily based on the marketing strategy that is. Revised historical data. One must follow a simple step the process of formulating the strategy. Coding in computer language, testing it using various methods, and then marketing it. “

Speaking of the basic needs of the individual Algo entrepreneur: “The Algo marketing profession requires a lot of practical skills to create a successful job market model. Moreover, developing programming skills – Programming is essential for creating value-added marketing ideas. You need to have a good knowledge of computer languages ​​such as C ++ / R / Java / Python. Moreover, without it, the business process in the implementation phase remains incomplete. Once the strategy is ready. You need to know how to beat that strategy in speech technology to make it software friendly and brandable.

Adequate business knowledge and experience. Moreover, a good programmer cannot derive much from his knowledge if he do not have in-depth knowledge of financial markets. We all enter the market for profit. Only a successful strategy can make our profit, and that requires brainstorming, with market experience and knowledge, ”he said.

He advises: “Read available free resources and books: With the growing popularity of this topic. There are many resources available on the Internet. Moreover, these include various blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, and know-how. Webinars and many free courses are offered on sites like Udemy, Coursera, and others. “

“Seek professional help,” Sood said. “In the end, it can be difficult for someone to do everything themselves. Also, it can be beneficial to reach market experts and brokers who have relevant records and experience in this field. “

“Algo trading is primarily a profession that requires maximum commitment and patience in developing and implementing market strategies. Moreover, if systems are based on price fluctuations, large losses can occur if they are not done with complete evidence. Other problems may be network problems. , real-time price delays, computer damage, and faulty algorithms, ”concluded Sood of Algo Trading.

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