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What technology trends are affecting the fitness sector?

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Fitness is evolving, and to keep up with the changing demands of consumers, gyms are evolving, too. Various disruptive technologies are emerging in the fitness space that are set to revolutionise the way people workout and the way gyms operate.

It’s important to be aware of these changes so that your establishment can maintain a competitive advantage and provide your clients with the kind of service they’re looking for. Below, we explore the most significant technologies that are impacting the fitness sector at the moment, plus how you can capitalise on some of them.


Wearable devices, such as Apple Watches and FitBits, enable users to track various health and fitness metrics directly from their watch. These devices measure things like heart rate, blood oxygen levels and sleeping patterns to an increasingly accurate degree.

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This gives fitness enthusiasts tangible data to use when they are exercising and working towards their health goals. But, more importantly, gym owners can also use these devices to their benefit.

This technology presents you with the opportunity to boost engagement levels by doing things such as hosting competitions based on who has burned the most calories, for example. By integrating the technology with traditional working out you can prevent people from viewing it as an alternative to going to the gym.

Smart equipment

This is electronic gym equipment which collects data when people use it and is sometimes connected to the Internet. Smart equipment can analyse the workouts of your customers and provide valuable insights, in addition to revealing how effective machines are.

You can benefit from smart equipment in various ways, but primarily it reveals data on which machines are the most popular and what might need replacing. These machines can sometimes look complex and intimidating to patrons who haven’t used them before, so it’s important to show people how to use them if you do decide to purchase any.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

VR and augmented reality are also technologies that stand to threaten the fitness sector if they aren’t strategically integrated. This is because many people may choose to simply plug in at home and workout in a virtual gym environment, as soon as the technology allows.

Gyms can leverage the technology, though, with a little ingenuity. Studies have shown that workouts can be improved through the use of VR headsets, making people feel less pain and be able to sustain exercise for longer periods.

Gym management software

This type of software is enhancing gyms in powerful ways, both for clients and gym owners. With integrated customer relationship management capabilities, gym owners can manage their clients, data and workflows from a single location.

Gym management software can improve the efficiency of your operation and boost profitability while simultaneously improving the service customers receive. Attracting new clients also becomes easier with this technology because it enables you to automate and enhance various marketing processes.

If you’re interested in getting started with gym management software, reach out to us today.

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