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Terrorist slain after stealing police officer’s firearm close to Jammu: J&K Police

The deceased, according to additional director general of police Mukesh Singh, acknowledged being involved in a drone drop of firearms.

The discovery of hidden weapons along the India-Pakistan border in Jammu late on Wednesday resulted in the death of a terrorist after he grabbed a constable’s rifle and fired at a police party, according to a police officer.

The constable and Pakistani terrorist Mohammad Ali Hussain, who was being held in Jammu’s Kot Bhalwal Jail, were hurt during the recovery operation, according to additional director general of police Mukesh Singh. Both were taken to a hospital, he said, where Hussian passed away from his wounds.

Hussain, according to Singh, has acknowledged his involvement in a drone drop of weapons. “…[he] revealed two areas where the drone-dropped weapons and ammo had been buried. The police party travelled to two different locations near the border with a magistrate to get the guns. Although no recovery was made in the first location, in the second location, weapons, ammo, and explosives were found, according to Singh.

Soon after, Hussain attacked the constable and took his service weapon. He tried to depart the scene while firing at the police party.


1- Did terrorist try to attack the police?

Ans- Yes he did

2- Any actions taken against him?

Ans – Yes, police shot him.

3- Hussain was involved in drone dop of weapons?

Ans- yes he was involved.

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