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Somac® Compact filling stations: Setting new benchmarks in safety, quality and performance

Compact filling stations

Dürr’s Final Assembly Systems in India develops filling stations that meet the highest safety, quality, and performance controlstandards.To meet the assembly process requirements of the clients, Dürr provides customized compact filling stations. All Dürr filling systems meet a uniform standard regardless of the series and version. They are pre-programmed processes and ergonomic, easily selectable, drip-free filling and well-balanced adapters. Moreover, the durability and ease of maintenance are an additional benefit of Dürr filling stations because their compact filling systems have wheels to be used in stationary or mobile environments. The systems easily adjust to the assembly process with barcode readers for network connection, data acquisition, and type selection. The sensor calibration and fault diagnosis are conveniently executed on the built-in display of the compact filling systems.

You own, individual design

Dürr builds your filling equipment according to your needs.

For instance, with:

  • PLC control and display according to your plant standard
  • Barcode scanner, printer, network connection
  • Control devices communication (ABS/ESP) with vport or ASAM-GDI interface
  • Stainless steel drip pan, also with WHG certificate
  • Separate drum pump station
  • Mixing facilities
  • Water content measurement for brake fluid
  • Brake fluid degassing
  • Refrigerant recovery unit

overview filling fluids and gases

  • Brake fluid (DOT)
  • Radiator refrigerant (Glycol)
  • Oil for power steering and hydraulic systems
  • A/C Refrigerant (R134a, R744, R1234yf)
  • PAG oil
  • Engine, axle, gearbox and differential oil
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Aqueous Urea (Urea, AUS 32, DEF, SCR, AdBlue®)
  • Compressed air (e.g., for air suspension)
  • Test and inert gas (e.g., for leak tests)
  • Fuels (gasoline, diesel, alcohol)
  • Diesel additive (Eolys®, DPX)

Compact filling station

Dürr’sFinal Assembly Solutions in India supplies Compact filling stations that are modular and efficient. With its dimension of 1250 x 850 x 1500 millimetres, Dürr’s Compact Filling System is not only distinctive but suitable for all types of production. The compact filling systems are optimized for high availability and tailored to the customers’ processes, operating requirements, and layouts, which assist in refining the client’s ergonomics, filling quality, and initial filling rates.In addition, these systems have a modular structure to permit distinct layout compositions.

All components can be replaced quickly and are easily accessible. From the outside, all pushbuttons, manometers, and valve isles are visible, just like the filling level of the tank.Moreover, two drip-free pneumatically clamping filling adapters with merged valves, ergonomically balanced for a one-hand operation, are attached to the filling station via a valve quick connection manifold.

The different types of Compact filling stations are:

Compact Ex

The Compact Ex fuel filling area is explosion-proof and certified. It is also equipped with vapour sensor technology and can be linked to the plant safety system via ready to use interfaces.

Compact X

Dürr, a manufacturer of the brake repair areas, offers all in-house expertise in Compact X filling station, which combines three processes:

  • Vacuum pressure filling
  • ABS brake bleeding (rework process according to ABS specification)
  • Brake pedal testing

Visualizing simultaneously the processes, the hydraulics, the pneumatics and therefore the electrics of the filling station and storing all processes leads to a database controlled by the one built-in industrial PC.


A MultiCompact filling station is accessible with all options of a Compact and can be shipped and installed fastly and cost-efficiently. 


The Dürr BlueStart filling system is built for longer cycle times, highest filling quality and low production volumes.

It reliably fills gases and all fluids in a vehicle, for instance, refrigerant and coolant, PAS, brake fluid, motor and gearbox oil. Their use is specifically suitable for vehicle assembly plants of the type – Semi Knocked Down/Completely KD, make-to-order productions, rework areas, pilot plants, and development areas. The Blue Start filling systems are identified by their ease of use, small size, and high availability and maintainability.

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