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Signs of the 4th wave are ebbing as there are very few 3rd dose takers in Vidarbha.

The second week of August is a good indicator of the COVID-19 cases, as these are getting down in almost every district. Let us tell you that the testing count is above 5000 and recoveries are also increasing. According to the experts, the wave-like depression that began in mid-June is now receding. Aside from that, doctors are shifting their attention to non-covid infections such as swine flu and other seasonal health issues.

The number of booster and precaution doses has gone further down after the cases reported are very low in the country. The people of Vidarbha in Nagpur city are giving a very poor response to the free doses provided by the government. The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is making special efforts to make more than two lakh people take doses so far.

When compared to June and July, the number of undertreatment patients who died decreased significantly in August. Let us tell you that there were about 3000 active COVID cases in July and they were dropped very heavily till 1300.


Which month has more active COVID cases in India?

Ans. June and July

Does booster dosing play a role in decreasing COVID cases?

Ans. Yes.

How many doses does a person need to take?

Ans. 3 doses

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