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SEO Snake-Oil: How to Choose An SEO Company?

In today’s digital generation, suspecting a false piece of information is common. All of us buy goods or products that aren’t a basic requirement or they aren’t delivered as stated. Indexing, crawling, targeting are all the jargon words tossed by the marketers. Many users and companies have been fooled by SEO Snake-Oil. If you want to recognize these scams, then you need to understand how SEO molds and to prefer an SEO firm.

First, let’s understand the SEO Snake-Oil Scams in detail.

How to identify SEO Snake-Oil Scams?

Wishing to know how to get guaranteed rankings? The truth about the SEO snake-oil scams is that it is not less than a weight-loss program that comes with no guarantee. SEO tips and tricks are capable of solving content-related problems.

For solving content problems, a lot of hard work is required with proper planning, drafting, and promoting engaging activities. We might have seen gigs on Fiverr or any other marketplace which assure you to offer guaranteed rankings with domain authority. But these are all scams. To get rid of such scams, you need to know the basics of SEO and how it works. With that, you need to recognize these scams. So, let’s know the strategies organizations use for recognition.

1. Private Blog Network (PBN)

For establishing links to a selective website you need a network of websites. This network is called Private Blog Network. With the help of this network, a website can accomplish search engine rankings like a link disk or shrine.

It never comes with a long-term condition. To recognize a private blog network, you need to look for a cross-site footprint. It is the most utilized technique used to deceive a brands’ name. Brands oblige to evade this technique to pick an SEO firm. For more details about the SEO services refer to the given link:  SEO company in Bangalore.

2. Perishing Domains

From the name itself, it is evident that expiring domains are those registered businesses but are not restored by individuals. When the agreement finishes, you need to renew or terminate it. Get into a habit to secure an expiring domain associated with a profile for redirection. Constructing an extensive quantity of redirects from expired domains might get penalized.

3. Tricky Redirects

First, you need to understand what is redirecting? Redirecting is the process in which we send a different URL to a user. This URL is different from the one that is originally requested. When a page tricks the search engine or presents content to users, then it is that made possible to crawlers. But it is estimated as a breach of Google Webmaster guidelines.

Recently, Google has validated that when you change an image URL then it might affect your SEO rankings. Because SEO providers execute image redirects to generate traffic.

4. Automated Link Building

GSA search engine ranker is an automated link-building solution with the help of which you can build backlinks for your website. Also, you can create a linking structure. Once the tool is set up, you can automatically discover new websites. Then, you can submit your content pieces without any interruption.

You can use its associate tool to outreach possibilities at a scale. With this tool, you can scrape data based on the niche-related keyword. Individuals use GSA content creators to spam a website with irregular links to rank higher. It will get penalized if the website doesn’t earn revenue. This is a blackhat technique that churns and burns SEO.

5. User-generated Spam

A web browser is a place that describes sites that permit users to generate and distribute data. Such sites include wikis, social networking sites, blogs, podcasts, and different content hosting co-operations.

In case if you hire an agency, that posts links on Tumblr, under the category of free posting sites. Then, they claim that this is beneficial for your site. But this kind of activity has zero benefits for SEO.

It isn’t promotional for your website but it is how you can spam the web.

Other than this, there are other ways of unhealthy link building. Follow Google’s Webmaster guidelines for the best ways.

How you can pick an SEO Company?

1. Client recommendations and reports

Client reports are necessary for understanding what an SEO company has done so far. Usually, companies share case studies, purposes, and the performance of the company. Such that you step forward and go for client reference.

SEO services are unobjective. So, take a glimpse at past achievements and results for better understanding. If you’re already using SEO services of sites such as Fiverr and UpWork, then you can check reviews of the customers. Based on the judgment you can select your results that are worth it. For that, you can consider that many customers are not technically proficient to evaluate the results.

2. Follow the method and approach

Many SEO companies follow a documented plan. So, you need to understand the process to define the deliverables. When you’re about to meet an SEO company, draft a list of questions related to what you’re planning to accomplish in this project. Remember that the SEO company won’t be adopting any of the blackhat routines.

3. Determine SEO budgets and timeline

None of the reliable SEO companies can ensure high rankings. Neither they can boost domain authority in the beginning. Keep in mind that SEO takes time. On average, it would take around 3 to 6 months to make a place in the market. If you’ve selected a suitable SEO package, then check whether it fulfills your SEO goal. Check out the best SEO companies in Bangalore here: Best SEO Company in Bangalore.

4. Meet the SEO team and recognize their services

Like you handle any project, SEO services are also dependent services. The characteristic of the services is influenced by the people managing the project. Make sure you have all the experts.

When you pick an SEO company, check that it has all the core skills to be executed in the project. Some companies lack in terms of in-house content production. So, outline the services required for the scope of the project.


For business owners, it is important to educate themselves about how SEO works. Make a requirement list that will help you in choosing an SEO company. SEO is time-taking and a difficult job to experience sustainable extension. There aren’t any hacks or tricks so take time to invest your efforts in the best way to build a brand name.

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