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Predicting A Smarter Future: 14 Smart Home Technology Trends

With technology progressing at an unprecedented rate, automation is hailed as the future of human civilization. Automation refers to the innovation and utilization of technologies designed to reduce and possibly eliminate human intervention in delivering different services. As IoT (Internet of Things) makes its way into domestic spaces, smart homes are the latest product of automation. Home automation provides users the control of various electrical devices in their homes from anywhere in the world. Here are 14 trends in smart home automation that are likely to dominate the future of the automation industry:

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1. Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are a popular element of smart home automation. They allow for convenience in command dispatching and facilitate better integration of smart devices and gadgets. 

2. Increased Connectivity

Lack of connectivity among various smart devices is a major concern for those considering smart home automation. IoT devices and smart home technology are now focusing on overcoming this hurdle and offer what are essentially dashboards for centralized control of various automation gadgets.

3. Personalized experience

Home automation so far has been relatively rigid. However, Artificial Intelligence is now being developed to understand and analyze user preferences to provide a personalized experience. 

4. User-Friendly Devices 

Smart home devices can often be somewhat overwhelming. Therefore, the trend is to develop simple and easy-to-operate automation tools, thus guaranteeing efficiency.

5. Security Concerns 

 Connectivity across smart devices is now higher than ever before. This warrants the need for various protection mechanisms. Therefore smart home systems are now being used in conjunction with appropriate security devices and software. 

6.  Smart Kitchens 

With all the tireless labour in kitchens, smart kitchens are undoubtedly essential when considering home automation. These appliances include smart ovens, smart coffee makers, and several other Wi-Fi operated smart kitchen gadgets.

7. Compatible Functioning 

Harmony among devices is a critical prerequisite for effective home automation. The focus is now on reducing platform lock-in, thus allowing people to use their choice of devices with a given system.

8. Smart Home Security Systems 

Another interesting trend in home automation is the use of smart home surveillance appliances. These systems are becoming increasingly popular as they are much more reliable and productive

9. Smart Outdoors

Automation is gradually becoming common in exterior spaces. With this, the comforts and efficiency guaranteed by home automation are now getting extended to outdoor spaces.

10. Data Sharing 

Another by-product of home automation is increased data sharing among businesses. Information about the homeowner’s activity is crucial for companies developing home automation technology.

11. Sustainability

Since machines now function autonomously in terms of turning on and off as and when needed, home automation helps achieve household sustainability goals and efficient energy usage. 

12. Versatile Applications

With the advancements in smart home appliances, this automation technology is slowly becoming pervasive in other spheres, including healthcare, energy conservation, etc.

13. Wearable Smart Devices

Some compact smart gadgets can now be donned. They are used to provide a more customized experience to the user. For example, the user’s presence may be detected in an environment to make appropriate adjustments to suit the user’s needs.

14. Speedy Network

A fast and secure network connection is almost a necessity in today’s world. Moreover, with users becoming dependent on smart home systems, this need will only be exacerbated. Thus faster and more efficient networks are increasingly in demand. 

Smart homes represent the future of indoor living. They ensure comfort and convenience and, most importantly, facilitate viable lifestyles. Schneider Electric is a market leader in providing home automation technology. Schneider’s Wiser smart home automation system offers advanced and efficient automation solutions with integrated voice control and several other features. To know more, visit the #SchneiderElectricIndia website today!

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