Over engine fires, the US Army grounds the entire fleet of Chinook helicopters

Washington: Due to the possibility of engine fires, the US Army has grounded its entire fleet of Chinook helicopters, a mainstay of the battlefield since the 1960s, according to a report in the media on Tuesday. Such a drastic measure was reportedly taken out of extreme caution, according to The Wall Street Journal, which broke the story.

There are roughly 15 CH-47 Chinook helicopters in India. They have become one of the most important military equipment in recent years for airlift operations in places like Ladakh and the Siachen Glaciers to support Indian forces stationed there.

The US Army was informed of a small number of engine fires in the helicopters, according to officials who spoke to the Wall Street Journal, but no injuries or fatalities were reported as a result of the events.

According to one of the officials, the fires happened recently, according to the Journal. In an effort to be extra cautious, the US Army Materiel Command grounded its fleet of hundreds of helicopters. Officials told the daily that they were examining more than 70 aeroplanes for a part believed to be related to the issue.

According to the Journal, depending on how long the order is in effect, the grounding of the heavy-lift Chinook helicopters may present logistical difficulties for American personnel.


1- When did India receive the first shipment of Chinook helicopters?

Ans – in Feb 2019

2- How many Chinook helicopters India has?

Ans – 15

3- Do Chinook helicopters present logistical difficulties for American personnel?

Ans – It maye happen

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