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Now available is Google’s exclusive Pixel Watch app

Yesterday, Google unveiled the Pixel Watch, a wearable that runs Wear OS 3.5. The old Wear OS by Google Smartwatch is incompatible with the new user interface, so this device has its own exclusive app.

As the Watch requires a phone with Android 8.0 or newer, a Google Account, and internet access, the app is now only available on Google Play and won’t pair with iPhones.

According to the uploaded screenshots, users will be able to customize their watch faces and the information they want to see on them. They will also be able to receive notifications, track their daily heart rate and exercise, and connect their devices to Fitbit. Additionally, Google Maps is supported, which would make traveling on uncharted streets much simpler and safer.

Google Pixel Watch App Interface
Google Pixel Watch app interface

Unfortunately, only Google Pixel Watch users will be able to use the app. Anyone else who downloads it will be prompted to buy one and given a link to Google’s website where they can do so. While the LTE version is free with the pre-order of a Pixel 7 Pro, the Wi-Fi version is $350/€380 and the LTE version is $400/€430.

Source: gsmarena

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