Most Interesting Tourist Places To See In Rome

You might spend weeks visiting Rome and never get bored since there is something new to see every day: ancient sites, parks, iconic architecture, and museums. What can you say about Rome? Once the most powerful nation in the world and the seed from which Western culture grew, Rome has it all. And to end the day you can simply sit in one of the many squares, with a drink and a guitar. 

From the super-tourist to the unusual, Italy’s capital will keep you entertained, whether it’s a long weekend or a week-long tour. Stop and marvel at the Colosseum with hundreds of other visitors, then sneak into a gelateria just off the main road. Know what each of them is best known for. Then, plan your holiday to Italy and make turkish airlines booking in any class and save up to 45% off on every flight to Italy. After being here. we’ve also put together some attractive places that will help you explore the best of city offers!

Spanish Steps  

However what is different nowadays and is somewhat of a shame is that due to new municipal regulations or ‘dispose of, actually sitting on the stairs is prohibited. This is to ensure ‘decoction, security and legitimacy’ by banning actions that threaten the historical dignity of Rome. You can also face a fine of 400 euros for sitting, so be aware of these new rules! 

Basilica di San Clemente 

The site is a 2nd-century pagan temple with a fourth-century church below the 12th-century church. Enter the church from street level and then take the stairs to the other church and temple. When you enter the site, ignore the beggars at the door who often tell people they are affiliated with the church and try to claim the entrance fee.

The Pantheon 

It is also the best-preserved monument of imperial Rome, so if you want to understand this culture you need to spend some time at this site to see what they have built. Originally a Roman temple, the Pantheon has been used since the 7th century as a Catholic church, the “Santa Maria Della Rotonda”, which is still functioning today. It lets sunlight filter through and fills the room with light in a way that is arresting and highly practical.  

Trevi Foundation 

The Trevi Fountain is probably one of the most famous fountains in the world, and certainly the most famous in all of Rome. This stunning 16th-century Baroque masterpiece is carved in travertine stone and designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi in ​​1732. It is 26 meters high and 49 meters wide. You are definitely taken aback when you see it for the first time. 


The Colosseum has been in so many movies and photographs that it is easily recognizable, even to those not interested in Roman history. The Colosseum was neglected for centuries, which is why parts of it are falling down. But despite this, it is still in remarkable shape. Make sure you buy your tickets well in advance as everyone wants to visit this place. It was once used for gladiatorial games and fights that were as brutal as they were an accepted and well-known part of Roman history. 

Piazza Navona 

It is definitely one of the best places to have dinner and enjoy some cold drinks. 

It is said to have been built on the site of Domitian’s stadium from about 1 AD, and was visited by the ancient Romans to watch the games, or torments – giving it the name ‘Circus Agonalis’. In the 15th century, it was paved and served as the city’s main market for nearly 300 years. At night, the fountain in the square lights up and gives off a romantic vibe. Known as one of the best places for couples.

St. Peter’s Basilica 

The first church on this site was built in 349 AD over the tomb of the first pope but was torn down, and the current version has stood in its place since 1626. Make sure you take a picture of yourself outside this architectural marvel so that your friends back home will know you were there. And then spend some time inside. You’ll see masterpieces like Bernini’s altarpiece and Michelangelo’s Pieta to start with. 

The Colosseum 

This huge oval amphitheater in the center of Rome is located to the east of the Roman Forum. It was built by Titus between 72 and 80. It was the largest amphitheater ever built and could fit around 50,000 to 80,000 spectators who could crowd and watch gladiatorial competitions and in public spectacles. 

Final Thoughts

Like any other city on the planet. You shouldn’t avoid the city and its unique combination of important historical monuments, friendly culture, and amazing food. So, plan your Roman vacation with AirlinesMap and customize your travel package accordingly. Explore all the tourist places in Rome. Also, do not forget to share your travel stories with us.

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