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Here are the 7 simple Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Refrigerator

The majority of the fridge buyers think, their work is over with the purchase of a good quality refrigerator. But the task is only half done with the purchase and the other half relies on the effective maintenance and optimized usage of the refrigerator. 

You can just google which is the best refrigerator and buy the best refrigerator in India. But you will need effective guidance and expert advice in improving the efficiency of your refrigerator to make it work better. To help you, we have listed some effortless suggestions that will ease your fridge maintenance. Let’s dwell into the seven simple tips to improve your refrigerator’s efficiency and put them into practice

1. Proper cleaning of refrigerators:

The first stage to enhancing the efficiency of the best refrigerator in India is to clean your fridge correctly. You need to take away all the food from the refrigerator. It allows you to wash all the inside corners and crevices. 

You need to take away all the drawers and soak them in warm water mixed with dishwashing detergent. Use baking soda to get divested of persistent stains. Various refrigerators are available to remove your doubt about which is the best refrigerator. 

2. Correct Leveling:

Do the correct levelling of the fridge that helps improve the efficiency of the best refrigerator in India. If you doubt which is the best refrigerator, we must tell you that every brand comes with adjustable feet. If there are no adjustable feet, the door won’t shut properly and disseminate cool air. Thus, pay attention to the correct levelling. You can also get a separate fridge stand to keep your refrigerator in the correct levelling for cordial working. 

3. Keep away from warm sources:

It is highly advisable not to place fridges inside the kitchen to improve the efficiency of the best refrigerator in India. The question here is not regarding which is the best refrigerator. It states that you must keep any refrigerator of a renowned brand away from direct sunlight or warm sources.

4. Clean condenser coils:

To reduce the utility cost of the best refrigerator in India and minimize energy consumption, you must clean the condenser coil twice a year. To select which is the best refrigerator in terms of condenser coils depends on your preferences. Some new models have coils placed at the bottom. Alternatively, older models have these coils behind. Condenser coils remove heat from the processors and freezers. It is estimated that dirty evaporator and condenser coil increases energy consumption by over thirty per cent. 

5. Frost accumulation:

Depending on which is the best refrigerator type you choose, the fridges may require manual defrosting. One should pay attention to frequent defrosting to improve the efficiency of the best refrigerator in India. Ice-build inside the refrigerator puts pressure on the compressor working and reduces energy efficiency. The best refrigerator in India has automatic defrost features, but you need to do the defrost manually if it is absent. 

6. Keep the refrigerators doors closed:

It is advised not to keep the refrigerators too wide and frequently even if it is the best refrigerator in India. When you open the door, you must keep in mind what you want to take out. Depending on which is the best refrigerator type you choose, if the doors of the refrigerator are opened frequently, thirty per cent of cool air dissipates and affects the overall capacity of the fridge. 

7. Door seal of the refrigerator:

Kindly ensure that the refrigerator’s door is intact every time to improve the efficiency of the best refrigerator in India. A loose seal permits cool air to ooze out. Make sure that seals are free from any food residue. 

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