Ftii Student Found Hanged In The Hostel

FTII student found hanged in the hostel

A 32-year-old student was found hanging in the hostel room at FTII on Friday. Police suspected it was a case of suicide, but they did not find any suicide notes so far. The name of the hanging student is Ashwin Anurag, and he was found hanging in the hostel room. The police are still working on finding the suicide note. Ashwin Anurag was a student of the batch 2017 cinematography course, founded by the college, sources said.

Ending life does nothing for the person; suicide is not a solution. The parents of Anurag are tense and want to know the reason for the suicide. It is not an easy thing to see a 32-year child dead. The parents only want justice if it is murder. The police did not find anything so far whether it was a suicide or a murder, but the police named it a suicide. The investigation is going on in the hostel by checking the hostel room and asking the nearby students.


What is Ashwin Anurag studying?


What is the age of Ashwin Anurag?

Ans. 32-year-old

Is it a suicide or a murder?

Ans. The police did not find any suicide note, but the investigation is going on.

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