Fir Against Bjp Leader

FIR against BJP leader in case of abusing a woman

FIR against BJP leader in case of abusing a woman

An FIR has been registered in the Gautam Buddha Nagar Police Station after a BJP leader. Shrikant Tyagi, a resident of Grand Omaxe sector 93B in Noida, was found to have abused a woman during an argument. The case comes before people after getting a viral video on the internet where Tyagi is saying, “Don’t dare touch my plants or else I will see you.” The woman also requested that he show his registry, but he did not do so. Tyagi is constantly abusing women with words and even pushing them away.

There are numerous other videos of women on the internet who are sharing their views and opinions about the whole incident. The victim woman also posted a video on the internet in which she shows how Tyagi put the MLA sticker on his car and bullied everyone. Tyagi is not an MLA but still uses a car with an MLA sticker, which is unethical.


What did Tyagi do unethically?

Ans. He abused a woman with words and also pushed her.

Is it right to use an MLA sticker?

Ans. No, only MLAs are allowed to use the MLA sticker.

Tyagi belongs to which political party?

Ans. BJP

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