Dermatologist In Jaipur Is First To Use Laser Resurfacing Treatment In India

Laser resurfacing treatment is used for rejuvenating dead dull skin. It helps to treat fine lines and wrinkles and stimulates collagen remodeling for up to about six months after the treatment. The dermatologist in Jaipur can also pair Laser resurfacing with IPL treatment to treat brown spots and pigmentation.

Jaipur skin city is the first in India to launch ResurfX Stand-alone by Lumenis.” It is a non-ablative treatment that the FDA approves. The unique feature about resurfX is that they make micro-injuries in the dermal layer of your skin. Those injuries it’s causing your body to have a wound healing process. So you actually have new collagen and elasticity that’s being produced because your body’s in that healing state.
So if you’re noticing that your texture’s becoming irregular, having wrinkles, fine lines, wrinkles, pores, then visit Jaipur Skincity. They have Dr. Sachin Sharda, a skin doctor in Jaipur who is the first in India to perform Resurfx for overall skin improvement by one treatment. The laser resurfacing treatment with new technology is effective and takes less time, and is affordable to all pockets.

What To Expect From Laser Resurfacing Treatment?
The dermatologist in Jaipur, when performing Laser resurfacing treatment, can treat various skin problems. From treating fine lines and wrinkles to treating old acne scarring or to really help with pore size and just enhancing the skin overall. One of the best features that photo fractional treatment has is; It allows skin specialists to offer patients at least 50% improvement in their stubborn stretch marks in just three treatments spread over one month.

How is laser resurfacing treatment done?

Laser resurfacing treatment with Resurfx is a combined technology. It combines sort of well-known laser light technologies for us “an IPL.” IPL is intense pulse light that goes after pigment and sun damage in the skin and skin tanning. The skin specialist in Jaipur use
The restore fix technology, which is what we call a non-ablative laser which heats the skin with microscopic columns of heat energy. Laser energy can stimulate new collagen growth and texturize the skin.

Where can laser resurfacing Treatment be done?
We can essentially do IPL anywhere on the body. Some of the most common areas in your body where you can have laser skin resurfacing are the face, neck, decollete, tummy, hands, arms, armpits, chest, and more.

Does Treatment With Resurfx Hurts?
As we know, using resurfx is an abrasive treatment. It initially damages the blood vessel. So with ResurFX, Skin specialists in Jaipur always numb the skin with a topical numbing compound for 20 minutes. The numbing cream makes it tolerable, and it just feels like scanning of heat. Afterward, you might have that retained heat sensation, so the skin doctor or dermatologist gives ice packs, which slowly dissipate over the next couple of hours.

Onset Timing Of Resurfx Treatment
One of the top features of laser Skin resurfacing treatment by fractional technique is that it can give effective results in no time. The results are visible in minimum downtime. Simultaneously, if a fractional photo procedure is customized with other treatments to cure different skin problems like black spots, scars, or mole, there can be another downtime. It usually takes 24-48 hours to see the significant result from resurFX treatment done by the best skin doctor in Jaipur.

Takeaway Of the Blog
If you are living in Jaipur city, you might have some issues with your skin. Maybe some level of redness, skin tanning, wrinkles, fine lines, some level of brown spots, or any other. No summer skincare tips are helping you with your skin problems.

The photo fractional treatment or treatment with resurfx allows one treatment to address all the signs of the skin problems and aging skin problems in older and younger patients.
Skin doctors in Jaipur recommend laser resurfacing treatment to give a boost in terms of

Improving Sun Damage
Helping With Broken Blood Vessels
Improving Skin Texture And Tone

Dr. Sachin Sarda, the best skin care doctor in Jaipur, tells patients that laser resurfacing treatment is like an oil change; you want to do something periodically. Typically, once a year, if you take an appointment with him for laser resurfacing treatment, it will be a great way to combine IPL and restoring techniques annually to boost collagen, improve skin texture, and improve the quality of your skin.

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