A Bihar Worker Was Killed And A Cop Hurt In Twin Attacks In Kashmir.

A Bihar worker was killed and a cop
hurt in twin attacks in Kashmir.

In celebrations of the 75th Independence Day, celebrations took place in the Kashmir valley. But a Bihar migrant worker was killed late at night on Thursday in Bandipur. A policeman even received bullet injuries when some unidentified terrorists attacked Naka Party in Anantnag on Friday. 

Within a week, a non-local laborer from Bihar was also killed in the south Kashmir district of Pulwama along with the two others injured. The campaign was started by the PM, Every person is bringing Tiranga to their homes, but the terrorists of the Kasmir like this campaign very much. 

These recent attacks and incidents on the security personnel and outside laborers show that the integrated security needs to go on a new audit and make new arrangements and security pattern deployment to prevent such strikes. 

But according to a policeman, the migrant laborer from Bihar was not shot by the terrorist at Soadnara Sumbal on the night of Thursday and Friday. The laborer was identified as Mohd Amrez as he was the son of a Muslim resident living in Bihar. After being shot, he is shifted to the hospital by a policeman. 


Who was shot in the attack?

Ans. Mohd Amrez. 

Where are the Bihar migrant laborers staying?

Ans. Kashmir 

When did this incident take place?
Ans. Friday night

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