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Best Gifts to Make this Mother’s Day Memorable

Mother, it is a term that needs no definition. This word can widely be associated with other terms such as love, compassion, gratitude and strength. There is no doubt that mothers are the strongest beings of all; it is pretty evident that they carry us for nine months and go through the painful process of childbirth. She holds everyone together and is no doubt the consultant of the family. She motivates us as we feel worthless, she cheers us up as we are sad, she gives us a shoulder to cry on and sometimes cries with us, and she celebrates with us as we are happy.

It is said that the child’s achievements are the true reflection of a mother’s efforts and sacrifices, which I think is a beautiful way of putting forth everything that a mother does for her child. Mother’s day is a universal celebration that usually takes place in the second week of March throughout the world and is a day that reminds us to put some efforts into our mothers’ happiness. I am sure most people worldwide put their heart and soul towards making this day the best one for their mother’s. For everything that she has done for us, this seems about right as well. Sending flowers bouquet online, giving her cards, getting a cake for her are some of the ways that this day can be celebrated. But let’s look at some fun gifts that can make your mom surprised and extensively happy at the same time.

Saregama Carvaan:

If your mom loves listening to old songs, this is the perfect gift for her. This mother’s day, give your mom the gift of melodies by gifting her saregama caravan. This is a music box with preinstalled 80’s and 90’s songs that remind us of the golden days. She can use this to relax in the evenings as she sits back and enjoys her evening coffee or tea. She can listen to all her favourite songs and find peace in them. This gift can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere and can also accompany you on trips and long drives.

A Makeup Kit:

If your mom loves makeup but through time has forgotten to take care of herself and her looks. Take charge and gift her a beautiful makeup kit. If you are a daughter, it might be easy for you to choose the right make, up but if you are a son, you might need some help. Make sure that you go for age-appropriate shades so that your mom can confidently wear them outside without feeling judged or nervous. Makeup kits can include so many options, and make sure to study the same before you buy them as they can be costly.


Handbags are the golden accessories that are a must to give your outfit an edge. The right handbag can step up your dressing game instantly and make you look like an elegant and put together lady. If your mom knows the worth of a lovely handbag and already owns a lot, you might not have trouble studying her style, but if she is new to this experience, get a sober handbag and ask your mother to use it the next time she goes out. She will be thankful to you for this positive gesture towards building her personality. You can buy handbags online from shopping stores.

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Sponsored Shopping Spree:

Every woman out there loves shopping, and why not? It is a stress buster for most of them out there. Even better if sponsored, shopping sprees make anyone happy at heart. If your mother loves going out shopping, you can take her out on mother’s day and let her buy whatever she wants. This will not only make her happy but will also give both of you some time to bond. You can pair this up with a lunch or a dinner, making it the perfect mother’s day ever. We usually do not get much time for the people we love, and whenever we do, we should never let that time go out of hand.

Don’t let the distance between you and your mother be an excuse. Send mother’s day flowers to India and pair them up with a small gift to surprise her on the morning of this mother’s day. Our mothers might not ask for anything themselves, but they deserve all the happiness in the world. As we grow up, we should take the home’s responsibility on our shoulders, the responsibility of keeping everyone happy and taking care of every family member equally, especially our parents. Take this opportunity to make your mom feel like a queen.

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